Mind Your Character Sheets

Wizards of the Coast has posted some downloadable character sheets for the psionic classes found in the Psionics Handbook. Carefully document your mental prowess, lest you hear the DM utter the phrase that strikes fear in disorganized players: “If you didn’t write it down, you don’t have it.” ‘Twould be a shame to lose your character’s mind in such a fashion.

Diskwars: Season One Champs Announced
The rankings are in at the official Diskwars site, and the winner of the first league season is Leon Andrews III. What did he get for his prize? A ton of new recruits, in the form of complete factory sets of two Diskwars expansions, some rare disks, and some original Diskwars art. Cool. But can he use his army to play Tiddley Winks?