For The Crowd’s Favor

Our latest review from Matthew takes a look at Gladiator: Sands of Death by Mongoose Publishing. If you want to take Ridley Scott’s place and call the shots in the arena, come see if the D20 supplement has what you need.

Phoenix To Rise From Ashes of ICE
As we reported last week, the remaining assets of Iron Crown Enterprises were acquired by John R. Seal in an auction run by a Federal bankruptcy court. It was also announced that said assets will be given over to Aurigas Aldebaron LLC (never heard of ’em, so don’t ask). At that point, the new company Phoenix LLC, which includes ICE alumni Bruce Neidlinger, Heike Kubasch, and Stephen Hardy, will “enter into a Master License” and “will be charged with the full promotion and use of the assets” of ICE. So Phoenix will immediately begin where ICE left off, fulfilling the backlog of orders and continuing the Rolemaster and Spacemaster lines. Once they have an office set up, that is.

Isn’t it nice how big game companies don’t disappear, they just mutate? TSR becomes the RPG team for WotC, Last Unicorn becomes the Decipher RPG team, then ICE is reincarnated as Phoenix. And all was right with the world once more. Maybe.