Dime Heroes and Supplement Now Available

Deep7 has announced the availability of their latest 1PG, Dime Heroes. The pulp action mini-RPG is only $3.95 to download, and as a special bonus you can get the Jungle Adventures supplement for only a dollar more. If you’ve been going through 1PG withdrawal during the last year or so, now’s your chance to overcompensate!

Penguins Race Through Maze
Yet again, Invisible City Productions has churned out a free monthly game. For November, the release is Penguin’s Night Out, a domino-based racing game for two to four players in which each player controls a penguin dodging various obstacles (like thin ice and the dreaded Polar Bear Gang) in order to make it into town and party the night away. Learn about the secret lives of penguins! Find a new use for your domino collection! Play a game without actually paying for it!