HACK! Ready To Ship

Eden Studios has joyously announced the arrival of the Knights of the Dinner Table: HACK! Card Game. After a few delays (I think HACK! was originally expected at GenCon), the game will be shipping from the printer straight to anxious distributors, and should be available in stores just in time for Christmas. Hoody-hoo!

Slayer’s Guide To Electronic Products
Mongoose Publishing has made their first electronic-only product available for download. For a mere $5, you can own the Slayer’s Guide to Winter Wolves. Plans are in the works for more electronic mayhem from Mongoose, including Slayer’s Guides for Minotaurs and “The Kracken.”

Roleplaying Tips Weekly Reaches Issue 100
Congrats to Johnn Four and all the contributors at Roleplaying Tips Weekly for reaching an impressive 100th issue! The landmark issue provides tips on fleshing out your villains, something my players are sure to enjoy.