Pinnacle invites you to rip, mix and burn – IN HELL

Pinnacle has posted a PDF preview of their new skirmish minis game Rippers. The six-page preview is all story – what the minis gamers call “fluff” without any pejorative intent – but I’d lay odds that the rules are very similar to the Showdown! skirmish rules based on Savage Worlds. The whole “ripping” mechanic wherein one takes DNA from a victim and adds it to an ally sounds like it could be really creative; in fact, this whole game kinda reminds me of the mismarketed, underrated (like most other things Cell Entertainment did) game LAB. Speaking of marketing, I have to question whether retailers will make room for yet another indie miniatures game right now, but mmm, tasty clear plastic boxes. You make the call.


  1. I’ve been checking out online game reatilers looking for a place to pre-order the book and all 4 minis sets, preferably at something of a discount, and as of yet have had no luck. It seems that there might not be enough room in the market for another independent minis game, even though I only know of a few indy-minis games to begin with. Huh.


    This game is great. A little victorian adventure, a little sci fi, and gothic horror. Check out to see it. I’ve played 2 games and I’m hooked.

    The RPG comes out this fall. The story centers around jack the ripper being orginally a good guy teaching van helsing, the soon to be invisible man, Dr. Moreau, Dr. Jeckyll and Dr. Frankenstein all about the science of monsters. Each then created their own “rippertech” and went crazy (everyone but Van Helsing). Evil has teamed up and only Van Helsing, the Harkers, the Order of St. George, and the Witch Hunters Serious Chapel can stop all the monsters.

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