News flash: computers are bad GMs

Enjoy this excessively vitriolic, unclear and unsound article alleging that paper roleplaying rules systems are a poor foundation for computer RPGs. He might be right, but he reasons like a rabid Shar Pei with one leg staked to the ground. The thought of even beginning to take this essay apart just kind of exhausts me right now, so you guys go ahead.


  1. Here’s my problem– if indeed this author is correct… who cares?

    Simple statement? Yes. Irrelevant? Maybe not, but I’m asking, “Who cares?” and I’m sticking with it.

  2. This guy seems like kind of a twerp.

    That said, I didn’t like TOEE at all and didn’t finish the game – but not for any of the reasons he specified.

  3. Well, he seems to know shit-all about the actual genesis of RPGs or the nature of both TSR and Wizards *sigh*

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