Paizo readies meals in a box for GMs

That’s right, Doritos and Pepsi shipped to your door every month. No. No, that’s not what they’re doing at all. The GameMastery line “offers GameMasters everything they need to run a complete short encounter – including unique high-quality metal miniatures, four double-sided map cards that join together to form a gridded encounter map, and a complete encounter utilizing the Open Gaming License – all in one package.” I happen to think this is a pretty good idea, and man, Paizo’s sure working hard to repurpose Dungeon content (I don’t know for sure that that’s what the GameMastery adventures are, but it seems reasonable).


  1. Man, it’s like a return to the old Heritage Paint-n-Play boxed sets.

    Old School in New School again! Heh.

  2. Yeah, my one worry is that gamers will look at it and think, “pfft, this has been done.” A lot will depend on how they package it. I think the map tiles might make the difference.

  3. I gotta agree with misuba.

    This is something that Microtactix has been doing for a bit now with their Simply Roleplaying rules.

    The BIG thing to getting this to go over is to make it relatively cheap… the metal minis sound like a bad idea unless they can be appropriated towards another game. I’d personally go in favor of cardboard punch-out counters or something.

    The big trap is how many times are you going to be able to run this encounter before all your friends already know whats the best way to beat it? I’m sure that they’ll include variant rules and perhaps additional scenarios to give it a bit more replayability?

  4. Good point on re-usability. Same on the “this has been done before” comment – although, at least against the Heritage sets, I think anyone who compares them to the Heritage sets is going back, uh, let’s call it 25 years …. 😉

  5. Yeah. I was actually worrying that someone would mix this up with the boxes of pre-painted minis with d20 stats that somebody did a year or two ago. On reflection, I don’t know how anybody could consider that similar. But I guess Paizo could make the packaging similar enough to cause confusion… if they went out of their way.

    I dunno. I am just high on goofballs I guess.

  6. You mean the … darn, I don’t remember the company specifically… they did a box of elves, then drawves, undead and orcs I think? d20 stats and pre-painted minis … yea, I remember those. Didn’t much go for those myself, but I did really take a shine to their two sets of samurai prepainted minis,

    Well, hopefully this will be a new product with some good replay value for DMs. I’ve had good luck repurposing maps I pick up elsewhere, so I depend it will depend on how reusable the maps are (among other things).

  7. I did some digging. Crystal Caste did the minis that you guys are thinking about (the ones with the d20 stats).

    Shortly thereafter (if you remember) WotC changed the d20 liscense to not allow anyone to use d20 stats with minis.

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