WARMACHINE builds in new outlet for emissions

When a miniatures game company has no regular release schedule of “codexes” or other such expensive modular books, the resulting buildup of fiction and photographs (what minis fans call “fluff”) can toxify and explode, resulting in a dangerous calamity of molten lead and resin. To avoid such an outcome, Privateer Press has announced


  1. If it’s anything like their catalog, cool. Maybe I’m inspired by Cry Havok’s example, but I enjoy a good high end minis magazine like that.

    It does kind of fit in as a replacement for codices, doesn’t it? The Rakham example, which is three times a year (I think) seems to almost fit into the old Chaosium companion space – a supplement style.

    Not that I know what Privateer’s planning for content specifically, mind you.

  2. I appreciate that War Machine is the publisher’s main focus, but as a fan of the setting as an RPG, I have to wonder how much is going to “wasted” on miniatures and war gaming when really what I want is source material, and avantures and so on for the RPG.

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