More GTS ’05 tidbits: rumors, supplements, and prototypes

Our sources continue to be many and varied, as OgreCave staff member Justin Mohareb has sent in a few GTS ’05 tidbits after visiting the show. Here’s what Justin wanted to mention:

  • As if there was any doubt, Margaret Weis has confirmed they’re releasing the Serenity RPG at GenCon for the Firefly movie.
  • Two games caught my eye from independant game producers: Dawning Star from Blue Devil Games is a d20 Modern/Future supplement, and the first one I’ve seen so far. It’s got a bit of a Blue Planet feel about it (SF setting with mysteries to solve, etc) and is a great read so far. Expect a review shortly.
  • In the prototype stage is a card/board game from Seaborn Games. Combining elements from Clue and Cosmic Encounter, you play an adventurer building a Hunting Party [the game’s title] to pursue the Shadow by fulfilling a prophecy, discovering its weaknesses and combatting its minions to earn gold.

    It’s loads of fun, with a few dozen disparate characters (and plans for more) and it works for all skill levels of players; there are even cards to benefit weaker players and handicap stronger ones. Due for release in October, once art is completed. Great family game produced by Patrick & Ben Christenson, two brothers from Texas.