Origins 2006 Live: don’t follow the corsets

  • Playtested Slugfest Games’ upcoming expansion for Kung Fu Fighting. I am NDAed on the details but I can tell you I am confident that this set will make an already-screamingly-fun game even more fun.
  • I keep meaning to say to any board game fans at the show that Titan Games has some copies of Tenjo at 75% off and if you have enough space in your luggage/vehicle to get it home, then dammit, you need it. I hope they still have some left as I write this.
  • Still hoping to get a shot at Days of Wonder’s Cleopatra and the Society of Architects, which is effectively new at the show.
  • WizKids is doing nice fixed figure sets for HeroClix and, even more interestingly, for HorrorClix AvP. There’s one for MechWarrior as well, but the others have nice big plastic windows in the boxes that show you everything inside in a nice little tableau. So, at least collectors will probably find that more appealing.