Eagle Games for sale. All of it.

Mike’s been rambling about this in recent comments, but here’s an official mention: As this Boardgamenews.com story notes, Eagle Games is up for grabs. Troubled for some time now with delays (Sid Meier’s Pirates, anyone?), Eagle has been spotted selling the company’s brand and remaining inventory at auction. Where will this land titles like Railroad Tycoon? Is this all just a maneuver to get developing projects out of the rotting, indebted carcass of the company in order to start anew elsewhere? Wouldn’t be the first time…


  1. Thankfully, Wits & Wagers dodged the blast on this one. This North Star game has been one title that has done well, and looks like it has reverted back to them with the disolution of Eagle. It’s been one of the better party games in the past year.

  2. I would have to point out that not ALL of Eagle games is for sale – assuming that all of this is coming off of the GR article and the link to the auction listing.

    “Expressly excluded from this sale is Borrower’s equipment,furniture, website, webstore, and all rights and interestsassociated with these excluded assets.”

    Sounds like the bank is just foreclosing whatever collateral Eagle Games put up for the loan. Still not a good sign, but there’s at least hope for continuation in there somewhere.

  3. Bleah. I just read the second link to Glenn Drover’s actual post.


    Never mind…

  4. From their forums:

    “Hello All,

    The auction that has just been noticed by Amcore Bank is a part of a foreclosure process. Due to a sudden and severe downturn last year in the demand for poker products, Eagle Games, Inc. became insolvent and finally ceased operations on May 31, 2006.

    The Eagle Games brand and the existing inventory is what is being sold at auction.

    I am personally continuing to work on game design and development for Age of Empires and Pirates! (The guys at SDR are spearheading the actual game design for Pirates!) and expect that they will both be ready for publication this Fall/ Holiday season.

    More details will be forthcoming after the auction on August 4th.

    I appreciate the support that you have all shown Eagle Games in the past and hope that Eagle Games products are available for years to come. ”

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