1. Mike — could just be me, but the file is supposed to be like 21.3 MB or something and it’s 21.2 MB on my end and won’t open. If it’s just me, sorry for the hassle. If it’s not just me, consider this a heads up. Happy Thanksgiving to the Ogre Cave crew and all of its fans.

  2. As an FYI, the on page player seems to work. Just the download that has some problems for me.

  3. Khet and Deflexion are the same game (in case listeners didn’t clue in on this). I think Khet is just renamed and repackaged. I do not know if the pieces or board were redone.

  4. Hey, good show!

    One would think Hasbro would be able to put D&D in front of everyone, but it hasn’t happened yet. Not even released a D&D Monopoly or D&D Clue!

    The “Dummies” bundles sound cool, though. And a “Role Playing Games for Dummies” is an excellent idea – just a question of choosing the right author(s) to give a balanced view of the whole scene. Who would you like? Matt Forbeck? Sean Patrick Fannon? John Wick? Vincent Baker? All of the above?

    Of course, “RPG Design for Dummies” and “GNS for Dummies” wouldn’t be far behind. 🙂

    Hasta la vista.

  5. Holidy gifts:
    Now, I found a few problems with the rulebook, but Darkness Falls on Sevinpold had great components + a DVD-ROM how to guide for under $30.00. It’s a fun game.

    I haven’t seen it, but I heard that Kill Doctor Lucky is out in an all new color edition with lots of snazzy bits.

    For PDFs, definitely see if BTRC releases Hunted by Christmas. That’ll be a definite game to watch.

    For a beautiful RPG, check out Qin by Le Septieme Cercle (7th Circle). I haven’t played it, but it was GORGEOUS.

  6. OK – the first time I downloaded, I got to hear about 20 minutes of the podcast before it came to an abrupt halt – even though my Zen listed the total time as 0:00. Every other download has been bad.

    I tried adding misuba as a friend on the xbox without success. I would love to hear more about carccassonne or settlers of catan on xbox.

  7. Something is obviously goofy with the file this time out. Apologies to all.

    Niall – I’m not sure what adding me as a friend on Xbox entails, but if it’d help any you are welcome to buy me one. 🙂

  8. There is a D&D Clue. I have it – it came out about three or four years ago and its OOP now but you can readily find it on ebay or any one of several “vintage” board game stores.

  9. Ok, thats nifty! I have often wondered why they haven’t done more brand extension with D&D…

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