For Christmas, reenact scenes from The Godfather

We’ll have much more on the holiday gift front for you shortly with our Christmas Gift Guide [now available! – ed.], but in the meantime, my wife came across this gem – the Furreal Friends Butterscotch Interactive Plush Pony, a 2.5 foot tall animatronic pony toy meant to be the gift little girls everywhere have always wanted. While’s $650 listing is amusing (!), it’s nothing compared to the Product Features list, which ends with a considerate-yet-hilarious warning: “Pony comes unassembled in box with head detatched. […] You may wish to not open the box around your children if they may be frightened by a box with a decapitated horse inside.” Wise words indeed.


  1. Holy cats, that’s a creepy head, too.

    Man, $650 Pony Ruxpins, $600 game consoles… God bless the American peso. Maybe “Made in China” will be a luxury mark soon.

  2. Man, I hate it when I wake up on Christmas morning next to a decapitated horse head. I often wonder if someone is trying to tell me something or if I just had WAAAYYYY too much to drink the night before.

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