Audio Report: Roleplay free or die

Assuming you got to a participating store on Free RPG Day, of course. In this episode recorded last week, I met up with Free RPG Day founder Aldo Ghiozzi and Gary of Black Diamond Games to get their respective takes on the event. Our crew also gets into other recent events, such as Go Play NW and all its indie RPG goodness. Have a listen. We’ve got more where that came from.


  1. Looks like I missed mentioning a couple of the Free RPG Day offerings: Little Orc Wars Quickstart Rules from Skirmisher Publishing, and the HeroLab Demo CD from Lone Wolf Development. Wouldn’t want to leave either of them out. 🙂

  2. alvin…simon..theodore
    you guys might not be able to do anything about this right now.

  3. I’m kinda surprised Mr Ghiozi doesn’t want to make it bigger by going to a Free Game Day model next year. Seems like a wider appeal would get a bigger audience. If someone’s mom thinks they’ll get Apples to Apples for free or something, well, she just didn’t understand, and announcements ahead of time would make it clear.

    Good interview, though. Thanks!

  4. Wow. Quite a saga there, Mr Pramas. Sorry to hear of your troubles, but I’m certainly glad you kept trying for the sake of RPG fans.

    Here’s hoping next year will go more smoothly for everyone.

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