Origins Awards happen

July 7th, 2007: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Origins Awards happen

That alone strikes me as news at this point. Moreover, they happened strictly via in-person vote at the show, and this seems to have produced sensible results all while not falling over or catching fire. Kudos! Highlights include the accepter of Paizo’s periodical award for Dragon Magazine thanking WotC for giving them the sympathy vote. Check it out.
[Edit: winners (and as much nominee info as we could find) also copied below]

Origins Awards 2007 (33rd Annual Ceremony) results

Board Game or Expansion of the Year
BattleLore (Days of Wonder)
Hey! That’s My Fish (Mayfair Games)
Oshi (WizKids, Inc.)
Shear Panic (Mayfair Games)
Treehouse (Looney Labs)
WINNER: Treehouse (Looney Labs)

Miniatures Game or Expansion of the Year
Dreamblade Game Mat (Gale Force 9)
Dreamblade: Rules (Wizards of the Coast)
Heavy Gear Blitz: Rules (Dream Pod 9)
Hordes: Primal (Privateer Press)
Rezolution: Shadow War (Aberant)
WINNER: Hordes: Primal (Privateer Press)

Miniature or Miniatures Line of the Year
Colossal Red Dragon (Wizards of the Coast)
Hordes: Monstrous Miniatures Combat (Privateer Press)
Easley Dragon (Dark Sword)
Ptolus: Minotaur Priest (Paizo Publishing)
Rezolution: Shadow War (Aberant)
WINNER: Colossal Red Dragon (Wizards of the Coast)

Non-Collectable Card Game or Expansion of the Year
Cowpoker (Steve Jackson Games)
High School Drama (Shifting Skies)
Knights of Charlemagne (Playroom Entertainment)
Munchkin Impossible (Steve Jackson Games)
Treasures & Traps (Studio 9 Games)
WINNER: Munchkin Impossible (Steve Jackson Games)

CCG or Expansion of the Year
Anachronism (TriKing Games)
Magic the Gathering: Time Spiral (Wizards of the Coast)
Pirates: Davy Jones’ Curse (WizKids)
The Spoils (Tenacious Games)
UFS (Sabertooth Games)
World of Warcraft (Upper Deck)
WINNER: Pirates: Davy Jones’ Curse (WizKids)

Game Accessory of the Year
Campaign Cartographer (ProFantasy Software)
Dungeon Tiles I (Wizards of the Coast)
GameMastery Combat Pad (Paizo/Open Mind Games)
Hero Lab (Lone Wolf Development)
Settlers of Catan Event Deck (Mayfair Games)
WINNER: Settlers of Catan Event Deck (Mayfair Games)

Fiction Publication of the Year
Horus Heresy: Horus Rising (Black Library/Games Workshop)
Horus Heresy: False Gods (Black Library/Games Workshop)
A Practical Guide to Dragons (Wizards of the Coast)
Dungeon Magazine (Paizo Publishing)
Three Shades of Night (White Wolf)
WINNER: Dungeon Magazine (Paizo Publishing)

Non-Fiction Publication of the Year
The Art of Warhammer 40,000 (Black Library/Games Workshop)
Art of Dragon (Paizo Publishing)
Dragon Magazine (Paizo Publishing)
Games Quarterly Magazine (Matthew Simmons Markeitng)
No Quarter (Privateer Press)
WINNER: Dragon Magazine (Paizo Publishing)

Roleplaying Game of the Year
Burning Empires (Burning Wheel)
Exalted, 2nd Edition (White Wolf)
Faery’s Tale (Firefly Games)
Hollow Earth Expedition (Exile Game Studio)
RuneQuest (Mongoose Publishing)
WINNER: Burning Empires (Burning Wheel)

Roleplaying Game Supplement of the Year
Deadlands Reloaded (Pinnacle/Great White Games)
GURPS Bio-Tech (Steve Jackson Games)
Out in the Black (Margaret Weis Productions)
Ptolus (Sword & Sorcery)
Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords (Wizards of the Coast)
WINNER: Deadlands Reloaded (Pinnacle/Great White Games)

Origins Vanguard Awards
WINNERS: Pieces of Eight (Atlas Games)
Harpoon 3 Advanced Naval Warfare (Matrix Games)

Historical Miniatures Game of the Year
WINNER: Vlad the Impaler

Historical Miniatures Line of the Year
WINNER: 40mm American Civil War line

Historical Board Game of the Year
WINNER: Command & Colors Ancients (GMT Games)

Origins Hall of Fame Inductees
Jonathan Tweet
Alan R. Moon
Pendragon: The Role-Playing Game of Arthurian Britain
Napoleon’s Battles

Play by Mail/Email Game of the Year
WINNER: Starweb (Flying Buffalo)


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