2007 ENnie Awards voting open

We’ve been remiss in our failure to post this sooner, so here goes: the 2007 ENWorld/GenCon RPG Awards (aka the ENnie Awards) have announced their final nominees for this year’s categories. Voting just opened today though, so we aren’t late for that. Go here to weigh in anytime before voting ends on July 29. As always, winners will be revealed at Gen Con Indy, and shiny d20 statuettes will go home with many worthy folks.


  1. The statues haven’t been d20s for the last couple of years. This is part of the ENnies continuing effort to show that they have become much more than a d20 only award, which I think this year’s slate of nominees certainly shows.

  2. Oops, you’re right: they’re a statuette of the Gen Con Ubergamer multi-armed mascot-guy now, aren’t they? I forgot all about the switch. Thanks for catching that.

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