Audio Report – Coming down after con season

We still have a bit of the shakes from all the convention news of the past month or so, so we let it all out in the latest OgreCave Audio Report episode. From how Gen Con developments reflected on our 2007 Ogre’s Choice Awards to the Penny Arcade Expo, and from Rackham’s recent issues to troubled local conventions, we manage to have a theme and be all over the map. Jump into the story already in progress, or check into previous episodes – it’s all good.


  1. In my humble opinion, one of the best coverages of Gen Con was Zachary the Firsts at therpgsite:

    Tabletop Gaming News coverage was very heroic and together they almost made me feel like I was there… well made me really really regret not going.

    The Gen Con web site had some coverage, and some video by ‘Geek Squad’. The videos, while neat, and kinda funny, were not a serious attempt to cover the con. Not to mention that their own coverage of the con was difficult to find. So much so that I gave up looking for the videos when I wanted to post them here. The blog coverage I didn’t find until today.

    WoTC did a great job covering the Con in regards to 4e and other wizards only things.

  2. On D&D Minis: you may know this by now, but they’re upgrading the rules to go along with 4e. Some vocal members of the base are mad because it won’t be totally backwards compatible- Wizards is being cagey about how many of the old minis will get conversions. It would be nice if separate rules from 4e weren’t needed, but things like point totals, morale, etc that minis players go for are probably here to say.

    PAX: I heard that a number of con organizers showed up just to find how it was run as a con and take notes back.

    And sorry to hear that Chris is going, his input as a retailer was always interesting to hear from that side of things.

  3. Dave: Thanks for the D&D Minis clarification. We’ll have to keep an eye on the reactions of the hardcore minis players, as those are the folks who could be adversely affected by rules changes. Me, I just use the figures as roleplaying props these days, so I’ll be fine.

    Chris will definitely be missed as a regular show contributor. We’ll keep the retailer influence going as much as possible though: Steve Kani, our other regular, brings his work in retail to the mix, and other retail and industry guests will be making appearances now and then.

    Plus, we’ll try to have Chris back once in a while! As soon as he wants to get his rant on again, we’ve got his seat saved for him. 🙂

    Allan “Sven” Sugarbaker

  4. Hey, great show!

    Sad to see Chris go, he always backed (or not) the fun speculations with his retail xp. BTW, I’ve been interested in the new Battletech starter box since it was mentioned a couple podcasts ago. I’ll get it as soon as my FLGS order arrives.


  5. Great show, guys. Sorry the Ogre Cave is losing Chris as a regular. His insights were great and will be missed.

    One thing I wonder after listening to this show is why fewer eastern conventions (particularly in the NE) don’t get more attention. And I’m not just referring to the Ogre Cave, but rather generally.


  6. Lee –

    Try living down in the southeast… the biggest thing we’ve got is DragonCon and its completely deadsville for gaming. White Wolf shows up but thats only because they’re based in Georgia anyway so it really costs them very little to be there.

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