World of Warcraft Minis Game, because Blizzard can’t allow a licensed-product gap with Halo

Well, that’s probably not the reason. To me, the interesting bit about this announcement is the attribution of “paint scheme design” to Mike McVey, the painter that Privateer made, um, I guess famous for some definition of the word. The addition of a “name” painter to the marketing is interesting, if only because the paints still don’t look very interesting. But yeah, Upper Deck’s doing it, it comes out in the fall, and, er, nobody has yet taken credit for the actual game design.


  1. Mike McVey has also worked at Wizards of the Coast and Games Workshop, if I remember correctly, as well as a brief stint at Mongoose. I’m wondering what the scale will be. From the look of the example figs, I’m guessing 30 mm, maybe larger.

  2. This should be severely interesting. McVey essentially helped cement the GW painting style for years. He, along with Ali McVey created the painting style, and a whole paint line for Privateer Press…and now he helped craft the look of the WoW minis line. That’s dang cool. Am I sad they are collectable. HELL YES. Will I carry it. Yes. Do I think this has a shot? Maybe. Which is about as generous as I have been to a collectable since maybe the WoW CCG. I may break packs and carry singles on this one. Who wouldn’t wanna use some of these as your player character model?

    Possibly some good times, with the ugly cloud of blind packed collectables. For Minis gamers comments, have a glance at TGN


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