Dungeon Twister headed for Xbox 360

February 3rd, 2009: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Dungeon Twister headed for Xbox 360

Another Asmodée game is migrating to consoles. Hot on the heels of Jungle Speed hitting the Wii, now it looks like a version of Dungeon Twister is in the works for Xbox 360, with other consoles to follow. According to a news post on the Asmodée website, French videogame company Hydravision is hard at work on the adaptation, which is tentatively scheduled to release in Q3 2009. The Xbox version is currently planned as a “faithful adaptation of the Boardgame and will not be turned into an ‘Arcade’ version which will require high-strung reflexes to win.” However, the new version will allow both solo and online play. Sounds interesting, and a peek at the Mechanorc game piece makes it look even more interesting.



  1. Lee Valentine says:

    Allan, which of their other games went to Xbox?

  2. This will be Asmodée’s first on the Xbox, I believe. Jungle Speed on the Wii is the company’s other console export.

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