Random Encounter interview: Darren Watts of Hero Games

In case our recent GTS 2009 interviews weren’t enough, we’ve got another quick interview hot on their heels. This one’s in the form of our Random Encounter interviews, quick little engagements on a single subject. Whether you celebrate Cinco de Mayo or not today, OgreCave has brought you this Random Encounter with Darren Watts of Hero Games, regarding Hero’s new sourcebook Lucha Libre Hero. We even slipped in a question on Champions Online for you – you’re welcome.


  1. Mike’s working on it. But thanks for the Hero Games comments. *rolls eyes*

    C’mon, guys, the Gaming News Update story is right below this one. These comments should go there, not here. Crazy kids…

  2. I like the six dice question format. The book sounds entertaining, but not my cup of tea. Sounds like the kind of game that would be fun to watch.

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