This just in from 11:00 am Friday at Gen Con 2009

The sounds of Gen Con 2009 continue to flow through This Just In… From GenCon!, and we’ve got show note duty. For the Friday 11am show, with co-host Chris Hussey from Fear the Boot, and additional guests Sean Patrick Fannon and Carrin Seabolt from DriveThruRPG, here’s what we have:

  • Fear the Boot is ambushing folks in lines and in elevators.
  • A twelve person game of original D&D sparks discussion of player group size preferences.
  • Big lines at Paizo Publishing, Privateer Press, and multiple lines at Fantasy Flight Games as they stagger releases throughout the show.
  • Gamers are still willing to buy big ticket game items, economic downturn or no. At the same time, DriveThruRPG has had record sales each month lately.
  • Rackham’s Confrontation line.
  • A shout-out to Marcus King at Titan Games (who writes Behind the Counter over at RPGnet). Great deals at the show.
  • The gorgeous cardstock scenery of Fat Dragon Games.
  • The Brave New World movie proof is being celebrated with a concert and after party, featuring Makeshift Prodigy. And Matt Forbeck, of course. DriveThruRPG has a going on, as well.
  • DriveThruRPG planning POD publishing for nearly everything it stocks, and as proof, printed 50 limited edition copies of the original Brave New World rulebook, available at the AEG booth.
  • A mention of Savage Saturday Night
  • Phil Lacefield and Calye “Chainmail Girl” Shovan are getting married as a Gen Con event. Congrats!
  • BattleTech’s 25th anniversary coffee table book from Catalyst Game Labs
  • Everyone’s invited to Sean and Carrin’s WeddingCon 2009 this December, just outside Atlanta, which sounds like a cool idea.

Check back this evening for the Friday 5pm show notes, or just peruse OgreCave in general for game reviews, daily news, podcasts, and more.

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