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Gen Con 2009 attendance almost holds steady

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

The Gen Con Indy 2009 wrap-up press release (also pasted below) provided this year’s head count, reported as “over 27,900 unique attendees”. This means Gen Con was down less than 2.5% from last year’s total of 28,600 visitors. Gen Con’s long-established status as an annual gamer pilgrimage seems to have helped it weather the rough economic times better than Origins ’09 or GTS ’09, which each experienced 18% attendance drop-off. Of course, current economic optimism may have helped Gen Con a bit, too…

Additionally, Gen Con raised $12,000 in charity funds, and no one refused the gaming-tainted cash (unlike last year). So no righteous indignation for you, Joe Gamer.

This Just In from Sunday afternoon at Gen Con 2009!

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

It’s Sunday, the final day of Gen Con 2009. To go out on a high note, Ryan Macklin has recorded the final ’09 episode of This Just In… From GenCon! from the show floor. The Sunday 3pm show has multiple guests from Pirate Jenny – Emily Care Boss of Black & Green Games, Danielle Lewon of Cream Alien Games, Anna Kreider of Tasty Bacon Games, Michelle Mishko, and Willow Palecek from The Forge. As promised, OgreCave has the show notes, so here’s the final write-up for this year:

  • Convention goers have been excited about Pirate Jenny. The indie RPG landscape has evolved, and titles are more spread out between The Forge, Pirate Jenny, and such.
  • Arm dragons are neat.
  • Fear of the recession affecting customer turnout has been replaced by relief.
  • Penny For My Thoughts is very nearly sold out.
  • Kagematsu – the RPG nearly sold out the first day.
  • Willow won a Shadowfist CCG tournament.
  • RPGirl, a zine on women gamers.
  • The community of, and two great tastes could go great together.

The OgreCave crew extends its thanks to Ryan and all his co-hosts and guests for a cool series of TJI shows this year. We’ll be happy to watch your back again in the future. We’ll also have to corner you for an interview or podcast appearance, so don’t wander off.

This Just In from Sunday morning at Gen Con 2009!

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

It’s Sunday, and Gen Con 2009 is in its final stretch. This Just In… From GenCon! has posted its Sunday 11am show, with co-host Derek Rex from Pulp Gamer, and guests John Wick and Robin Laws. Until host Ryan Macklin gets back home, OgreCave will be providing the show notes, so here’s the latest write-up:

  • Derek’s been meeting army buddies, attending Phil & Calye Lacefield’s wedding, attending the RPG Podcaster meet-and-greet, and more, all at Gen Con.
  • The White Wolf party
  • Robin has been at the Pelgrane Press booth, pushing the Gumshoe system, and getting ideas “into the bloodstream of gaming.”
  • John Wick’s Shotgun Diaries (see the cool little YouTube preview) and Houses of the Blooded have blown out of the show.
  • Epidiah Ravachol’s Time & Temp
  • Joe MacDonald’s Ribbon Drive and it’s mix CD.
  • Jeremy Keller’s Chronica Feudalis
  • Paul Tevis’ Penny For My Thoughts
  • Serial Homicide Unit
  • Mist-Robed Gate
  • John was impressed with the Pathfinder RPG, and it has inspired him.
  • Thoughts on what has and hasn’t been impacted by the economic downturn.
  • A plug for Action Castle.

Check back after the 3 pm Sunday show for more notes, or just hang out at OgreCave for a while, ‘cuz we like you and appreciate your business.

This Just In from Saturday evening at GenCon 2009

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

This Just In… From GenCon! has posted its late Saturday afternoon show live from the big event. This time around, Ryan is joined by co-host Ed Healy of War Pig Radio, and guests Eddy Webb of White Wolf Publishing and Brennan Taylor of Indie Press Revolution. We’re still helping Ryan out with the show notes, so read on and be enlightened.

  • The 3-2-1 rule (hours of sleep/meals/showers per con day). Ed appreciates the very cool cosplayers, and Ryan saw the coolest save point ever.
  • Rough Magicks and Shadows Over Filmland (reviewed here), both from Pelgrane Press
  • IPR is everywhere at Gen Con, and Brennan comments on how the show’s going.
  • The girls of Pirate Jenny, mentioned again, will be on the eighth episode of This Just In… – stay tuned!
  • Eddy speaks of Geist: The Sin-Eaters, which is selling better than Hunter so far, and general convention thoughts.
  • Starblazer Adventures
  • Eclipse Phase is selling out its limited copies.
  • Someone from Atomic Array got mugged by LARPers.
  • Alpha Omega, and a Twitter war at the Diana Jones Awards
  • The Gen Con iPhone app – good idea, needs work
  • ENnie Awards and amusing abbreviations

One more day of the Best Four Days in Gaming to go, and OgreCave will have your show notes. Feel free to explore the Cave, by the way – we only pummel those who don’t read a review, an interview, the daily news, follow us on Twitter, and listen to our podcasts. So you’ll be fine… right?

This just in from Saturday morning at Gen Con 2009

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Allan isn’t doing this one, dammit! LOVE ME.

Show notes for the Saturday 11am This Just In… From GenCon! episode are as follows:

All OgreCave tourists and visitors are directed to the information booth. See you again this afternoon, if not sooner.

This Just In from 5 pm Friday at Gen Con 2009

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Gen Con 2009 rages on, and the Friday evening episode of This Just In… From GenCon! is online for all to hear. OgreCave is helping out with some show notes, so here’s the lowdown for the Friday 5pm show, with co-host Sean Nittner from Narrative Control, and guests Will Hindmarch & Jeff Tidball from

  • Much love is expressed toward Things We Think About Games (some of it sordid).
  • Putting faces to names: Clark & Amanda Valentine of The Dresden Files RPG; Joe MacDonald of Ribbon Drive; John Wick.
  • @RyanMacklin offers love for Twitter, and for retweeters @fredhicks, @GamerTraveler (Daniel Perez), and @CUnderkoffler
  • The vote: chairs.
  • Gorilla GamesWho Would Win, over at booth #403.
  • Another Pirate Jenny shout-out, next to the t-shirts and corsets.
  • More talk of Geek Chic, and how the company is working to bring the game table back into the family room.

We’ll keep the notes going tomorrow. If you’re new to OgreCave, come on in and sit a spell. We have reviews, interviews, daily news, podcasts, and other neat stuff.

This just in from 11:00 am Friday at Gen Con 2009

Friday, August 14th, 2009

The sounds of Gen Con 2009 continue to flow through This Just In… From GenCon!, and we’ve got show note duty. For the Friday 11am show, with co-host Chris Hussey from Fear the Boot, and additional guests Sean Patrick Fannon and Carrin Seabolt from DriveThruRPG, here’s what we have:

  • Fear the Boot is ambushing folks in lines and in elevators.
  • A twelve person game of original D&D sparks discussion of player group size preferences.
  • Big lines at Paizo Publishing, Privateer Press, and multiple lines at Fantasy Flight Games as they stagger releases throughout the show.
  • Gamers are still willing to buy big ticket game items, economic downturn or no. At the same time, DriveThruRPG has had record sales each month lately.
  • Rackham’s Confrontation line.
  • A shout-out to Marcus King at Titan Games (who writes Behind the Counter over at RPGnet). Great deals at the show.
  • The gorgeous cardstock scenery of Fat Dragon Games.
  • The Brave New World movie proof is being celebrated with a concert and after party, featuring Makeshift Prodigy. And Matt Forbeck, of course. DriveThruRPG has a going on, as well.
  • DriveThruRPG planning POD publishing for nearly everything it stocks, and as proof, printed 50 limited edition copies of the original Brave New World rulebook, available at the AEG booth.
  • A mention of Savage Saturday Night
  • Phil Lacefield and Calye “Chainmail Girl” Shovan are getting married as a Gen Con event. Congrats!
  • BattleTech’s 25th anniversary coffee table book from Catalyst Game Labs
  • Everyone’s invited to Sean and Carrin’s WeddingCon 2009 this December, just outside Atlanta, which sounds like a cool idea.

Check back this evening for the Friday 5pm show notes, or just peruse OgreCave in general for game reviews, daily news, podcasts, and more.

Warmachine’s next big thing is a video game version under development

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Privateer Press announced at a seminar today at Gen Con that developer WhiteMoon Dreams is underway on a digital version of Warmachine for… consoles? PCs? Both? Info is coming in via Twitter and is thus a little thin on the ground. Apparently the game will be first-person strategy of a sort – you’ll be in the warcaster’s perspective, issuing orders to your ‘jacks – and that’s about all I know. Unless the game has a confirmed publisher, this might not really even be an announced product so much as a really awesome plan. But there’s a nice, shiny coming-soon page!