This Just In from 5 pm Friday at Gen Con 2009

Gen Con 2009 rages on, and the Friday evening episode of This Just In… From GenCon! is online for all to hear. OgreCave is helping out with some show notes, so here’s the lowdown for the Friday 5pm show, with co-host Sean Nittner from Narrative Control, and guests Will Hindmarch & Jeff Tidball from

  • Much love is expressed toward Things We Think About Games (some of it sordid).
  • Putting faces to names: Clark & Amanda Valentine of The Dresden Files RPG; Joe MacDonald of Ribbon Drive; John Wick.
  • @RyanMacklin offers love for Twitter, and for retweeters @fredhicks, @GamerTraveler (Daniel Perez), and @CUnderkoffler
  • The vote: chairs.
  • Gorilla GamesWho Would Win, over at booth #403.
  • Another Pirate Jenny shout-out, next to the t-shirts and corsets.
  • More talk of Geek Chic, and how the company is working to bring the game table back into the family room.

We’ll keep the notes going tomorrow. If you’re new to OgreCave, come on in and sit a spell. We have reviews, interviews, daily news, podcasts, and other neat stuff.

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