This Just In from Saturday evening at GenCon 2009

This Just In… From GenCon! has posted its late Saturday afternoon show live from the big event. This time around, Ryan is joined by co-host Ed Healy of War Pig Radio, and guests Eddy Webb of White Wolf Publishing and Brennan Taylor of Indie Press Revolution. We’re still helping Ryan out with the show notes, so read on and be enlightened.

  • The 3-2-1 rule (hours of sleep/meals/showers per con day). Ed appreciates the very cool cosplayers, and Ryan saw the coolest save point ever.
  • Rough Magicks and Shadows Over Filmland (reviewed here), both from Pelgrane Press
  • IPR is everywhere at Gen Con, and Brennan comments on how the show’s going.
  • The girls of Pirate Jenny, mentioned again, will be on the eighth episode of This Just In… – stay tuned!
  • Eddy speaks of Geist: The Sin-Eaters, which is selling better than Hunter so far, and general convention thoughts.
  • Starblazer Adventures
  • Eclipse Phase is selling out its limited copies.
  • Someone from Atomic Array got mugged by LARPers.
  • Alpha Omega, and a Twitter war at the Diana Jones Awards
  • The Gen Con iPhone app – good idea, needs work
  • ENnie Awards and amusing abbreviations

One more day of the Best Four Days in Gaming to go, and OgreCave will have your show notes. Feel free to explore the Cave, by the way – we only pummel those who don’t read a review, an interview, the daily news, follow us on Twitter, and listen to our podcasts. So you’ll be fine… right?

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  1. And it took only a few days for a “Gencon exclusive” copy of Eclipse Phase to show up on EBay.

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