This Just In from Sunday morning at Gen Con 2009!

It’s Sunday, and Gen Con 2009 is in its final stretch. This Just In… From GenCon! has posted its Sunday 11am show, with co-host Derek Rex from Pulp Gamer, and guests John Wick and Robin Laws. Until host Ryan Macklin gets back home, OgreCave will be providing the show notes, so here’s the latest write-up:

  • Derek’s been meeting army buddies, attending Phil & Calye Lacefield’s wedding, attending the RPG Podcaster meet-and-greet, and more, all at Gen Con.
  • The White Wolf party
  • Robin has been at the Pelgrane Press booth, pushing the Gumshoe system, and getting ideas “into the bloodstream of gaming.”
  • John Wick’s Shotgun Diaries (see the cool little YouTube preview) and Houses of the Blooded have blown out of the show.
  • Epidiah Ravachol’s Time & Temp
  • Joe MacDonald’s Ribbon Drive and it’s mix CD.
  • Jeremy Keller’s Chronica Feudalis
  • Paul Tevis’ Penny For My Thoughts
  • Serial Homicide Unit
  • Mist-Robed Gate
  • John was impressed with the Pathfinder RPG, and it has inspired him.
  • Thoughts on what has and hasn’t been impacted by the economic downturn.
  • A plug for Action Castle.

Check back after the 3 pm Sunday show for more notes, or just hang out at OgreCave for a while, ‘cuz we like you and appreciate your business.

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