This Just In from Sunday afternoon at Gen Con 2009!

It’s Sunday, the final day of Gen Con 2009. To go out on a high note, Ryan Macklin has recorded the final ’09 episode of This Just In… From GenCon! from the show floor. The Sunday 3pm show has multiple guests from Pirate Jenny – Emily Care Boss of Black & Green Games, Danielle Lewon of Cream Alien Games, Anna Kreider of Tasty Bacon Games, Michelle Mishko, and Willow Palecek from The Forge. As promised, OgreCave has the show notes, so here’s the final write-up for this year:

  • Convention goers have been excited about Pirate Jenny. The indie RPG landscape has evolved, and titles are more spread out between The Forge, Pirate Jenny, and such.
  • Arm dragons are neat.
  • Fear of the recession affecting customer turnout has been replaced by relief.
  • Penny For My Thoughts is very nearly sold out.
  • Kagematsu – the RPG nearly sold out the first day.
  • Willow won a Shadowfist CCG tournament.
  • RPGirl, a zine on women gamers.
  • The community of, and two great tastes could go great together.

The OgreCave crew extends its thanks to Ryan and all his co-hosts and guests for a cool series of TJI shows this year. We’ll be happy to watch your back again in the future. We’ll also have to corner you for an interview or podcast appearance, so don’t wander off.


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