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Occult Previews Continue From Atlas

Friday, May 31st, 2002

In the fourth preview Atlas Games has posted from Occult Lore, we get two different sets of rules for one thing. What is it? Why, it’s Pangunculus, which as you all know is the name of the first great continent on Earth that would later split into the continents we know today, and – – what’s that? Uh, right, that’s Pangea I’m thinking of. Hmm… guess I don’t know what Pangunculus is.

PIG Bringing Us The Colonies

Friday, May 31st, 2002

Politically Incorrect Games will be releasing of The Colonies, a sci-fi RPG of a future Earth enslaved by aliens, and the fight by human colonies on Mars and elsewhere to liberate the planet. New technologies, freaky mutations, combat against aliens, and space travel: what else could you want in your sci-fi epic? PIG will release The Colonies in PDF format this summer.

Fantasy Flight D20 Shipping News
Fantasy Flight is currently shipping both Traps & Treachery II and the Dragonstar Guide to the Galaxy, so you can expect these to be in your gamemasters’ hands soon. As to the first book, the latest in FFG’s Legends & Lairs series, here’s hoping your Spot skill, Find/Remove Traps skill, or whatever you use to keep from becoming dead is up to par. As for Dragonstar, I’m not sure what to make of this release. All they’ve really given us as a preview is the starmap of the Dragon Empire, which is nice and all, but doesn’t tell us much. Mike likes to say that maybe Dragonstar will become interesting now that the setting book is finally available. Sure seems like we had to wait a while for it, though.

Cheapass Taunts You – Well, Actually, OgreCave Taunts You

Friday, May 31st, 2002

You that two new standalone Diceland sets are due by the end of the year, one of which will feature a “giant” OGRE die (not sure how they’re pulling that one off). You knew that , the very first game in Cheapass’ line of no-nice-board-and-no-pieces board games, is going to have a nice board and pieces in the fall. You may even have noticed that the line will be featuring a Tom Jolly game design when it goes wide in September. What you didn’t know, though, is the Hip Pocket line is going to feature work from lots of outside designers, which is something of a change of policy at Cheapass. One or two other names on upcoming Hip Pocket games will be familiar to heavy readers of this site. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what they are. One of them won an Origins Award last year, though.

Mean Streets Hits The Streets Soon

Wednesday, May 29th, 2002

Deep7 announced the end of playtesting for Mean Streets, the company’s new film noir RPG of “cynical private eyes, unscrupulous gangsters, and dangerous femme fatales.” Deep7’s XPG system provides the core mechanics for the upcoming game. “We are confident that Mean Streets will be one heck of an RPG, one that will fill a genre niche long abandoned by the industry,” said Mark Bruno, XPG Line Producer and Associate Editor. The game will be released in PDF format from the Deep7 website, and total nearly 60 pages. A full-color cover by Peter Hince and internal B/W illustrations by Jason McCuiston (veteran of Archon’s Noir RPG) will complete the package. The game is expected to release June 10.

Occult Lore Preview

Wednesday, May 29th, 2002

In anticipation of their Occult Lore book for D20, Atlas Games has posted multiple previews of what we’ll get inside. Most recently, information on the Dragonflower, a sort of catnip for dragons, has been posted on the company’s site. Atlas has also made the book’s index available as a teaser of what’s to come, as well as an information sheet for Gleaner characters. What’s a Gleaner? Why, it’s “a new magical PC class that collect remnants of the dead and nurture them until they are able to draw powerful magics from their spirits.” But you knew that, right? Occult Lore should be in stores next month.

Mongoose In July
Mongoose Publishing has posted details of their first two July D20 releases: The Quintessential Dwarf (written by Sam Witt) and The Slayer’s Guide to Rules Lawyers (by James Desborough). Head on over and have a look-see.

Red Wizard Needs New Ideas, Badly!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2002

Via IGN, via GamingReport: The artist formerly known as Hasbro Interactive announces for PS2, Xbox, and GameCube in the fall. From the description here, it sounds like Gauntlet with special moves and leveling. But I guess it won’t be so bad to have a little game where you can beat on real displacer beasts, bugbears and such. Will D&D chrome help this title ride the almost-certain popularity of Neverwinter Nights?

Nobilis Review Posted

Wednesday, May 29th, 2002

Matthew has returned safely from the depths of the Nobilis RPG by Hogshead Publishing. Was he changed by the experience? Find out for yourself.

Aliens For Revised Star Wars RPG
Lots of ’em. In a nice, handy list, with enough details to use and abuse ’em. Yep. I love free web enhancements, don’t you?

HeroClix Errata
There was bound to be some, and now the official Marvel HeroClix site has some boo-boo corrections posted in the form of an errata list. Go make sure you’ve been losing fairly.

Judge Dredd RPG Update

Sunday, May 26th, 2002

The new 2000AD RPG site has been updated with a variety of tidbits. According to the site, the Judge Dredd RPG “has been sighted in some UK games stores and will soon be spreading to Europe. Fans in the US will have to wait just a little bit longer.” Estimates are to watch for the game in the States mid-June. The Rookie’s Guide to the Justice Department has just come back to Mongoose Publishing from the printers, so you can expect it to follow closely on the main rulebook’s heels. The Slaine RPG is in final playtesting now, and should be on target for its August release. The Judge Dredd character sheet is available for perusal. Finally, if you hope to get your hands on a Limited Edition Judge Dredd hardback, “completely encased it in polished stainless steel” and bearing “the classic Judge badge logo on the front,” you’d better get to the site and order it fast — Mongoose is only making 200 of ’em. Only $115 for your bulletproof copy.

Tome of the Dragon Review Posted

Friday, May 24th, 2002

Demian give us a no-holds-barred look at Tome of the Dragon by Citizen Games. I’ll just say it wasn’t quite his favorite new D20 adventure, and leave the rest to him.

It’s A Blue, Blue Planet

Friday, May 24th, 2002

The Blue Planet v2 Player’s Guide and v2 Moderator’s Guide are back in print at a lower price point, thus spake FFG. You know you want to play a killer whale with cybernetic enhancements. Go tear apart the far-future derelict Sea World! “That’s for Shamu, you bastards!”

Heroic Quests Announced For Mage Knight Dungeons

Friday, May 24th, 2002

WizKids has announced Heroic Quest – Magestone and Heroic Quest – The Citadel, two ready-to-run scenarios for MK Dungeons. Each will come with a(n) Heroic Team and an ultra-powerful Mage Spawn, plus maps and scenario rules. None will apparently come with yummy plastic bits you can use in your RPG campaign, but maybe those Mage Spawn will be large and interesting.

ENnies Live Awards Ceremony To Be Held At Gen Con

Friday, May 24th, 2002

Proving once again that Peter Adkison has his thumb on the zeitgeist, Gen Con will be hosting the ENnies, the formerly Internet-only awards for D20 products. The link also has the breakdown of the award categories, but no nominees yet.

The End Shipping To Distributors, In Stores Soon

Thursday, May 23rd, 2002

Sources tell us that Tyranny GamesThe End RPG is back from the printer and shipping to distributors, so you can expect in in stores shortly. The “post-apocalypse” role-playing game has been revised and expanded for the Lost Souls Edition, with a Faux leather cover and gold embossing to boot. Tyranny Games has supplements lining up behind the big release, including a D.C. supplement Cry Havoc, and a magic supplement titled The Dark Arts. Both supplements are scheduled to release before the end of this year. We’ll definitely be checking this one out.

Spell Decks: This Time, They’ll Be Useful

Thursday, May 23rd, 2002

Paradigm Concepts has announced they’ll be going to press with their Spell Decks for D&D3e in two weeks. I’ve seen these at GTS, and I have to say that this version of the spell card concept does everything right that the old TSR cards did wrong. The initial print run will be based on initial orders, so ask for yours now.

DC HeroClix Pictures Posted

Thursday, May 23rd, 2002

WizKids has posted preliminary details of the upcoming DC HeroClix sets. The Hypertime Starter Set has images of the Joker and Superman figures, the Hypertime Booster Set has images of Harley Quinn and Batman, and the Premier Edition box has a pic of Plastic Man. All three sets should be arriving this September, which gives you a long time to drool.