OgreCave review – Cat & Chocolate

Cat & ChocolateLooking for a new party game to try out with the local crew (family or otherwise) over the holidays? Lee may have tracked down just the game for you, in the form of Cat & Chocolate. This card game requires players to improvise quick stories about avoiding various situations in a haunted mansion, while using certain key cards to tell the tale. Though a lesser known game here in the US, after perusing our review, you might decide to track down a copy.


  1. I’ve been looking for games that are a good stepping stone for some of my non-rpg playiing friends to get into story telling games. This sounds like it would work. What else would you recommend along these lines?

  2. Well, since Cat & Chocolate is a new take on Once Upon A Time, that’d be an obvious first choice. After that, you could try something with a very minimal rule system, like Faerie’s Tale (which we reviewed here) – it was designed for kids, though, so it might not grab your friends. You could also try The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, the new version from Magnum Opus Press – it’s another improvisational storytelling game (mentioned in our Christmas Gift Guide ’08, in the RPG section). All of these would require you to hand-hold the non-roleplayers through a bit, but they’ll catch on fairly soon.

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