You Know, For Kids!

According to ICv2, that goofy Bionicle stuff is actually taking off. Maybe I’m just predisposed to see any new high-concept Lego thing as hopelessly lame. The Upper Deck-produced Bionicle CCG also appeared hopelessly lame, but I didn’t look very closely at it at Origins. Has anyone played it? Also, that

Invisible City Catches Up

Further compensating for the missed August game of the month, Invisible City Productions has released a second free game for the month of October. This time it’s Dungeon, a randomized hack-and-slash dungeon crawl played with a standard deck of cards. If you’re having trouble waiting for Mage Knight Dungeons to

News from Mythrole

Mythrole Games, publishers of digitally-distributed analog card games such as Night of the Ill-Tempered Squirrel, will be publishing a full line of D20 material, according to tragically misinformed sources. Mythrole put out a non-confirmation last week. From the press release: Says company owner Tyler Sigman, “we are very pleased to