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d20 Weekly Passes On

Friday, May 30th, 2003

Steve Jackson Games has called a halt to its newest online subscription magazine, d20 Weekly. The man himself, Steve Jackson, made the announcement:

The current (May 28, 2003) issue of d20 Weekly will be the last. We’re glad we tried it, and we published quite a few articles that we’re very proud of, but in the end it just didn’t find its audience. We’ll put the effort, and the money it was losing, into other projects.

Jackson went on to describe the options current subscribers have, and to thank d20 Weekly editors Dale Donovan and Steve Miller, among others (for the full announcement, click “Read more”). The end of d20 Weekly might go a long way to prove that subscription-based d20 projects have too much competition from standard and free sources to be viable. But then again, both Dragon and Dungeon seem to be doing okay.

OgreCave Review: Enchantment

Thursday, May 29th, 2003

Continuing our Mongoose Publishing focus this week, Joe brings us a look at Enchantment: Fire in the Mind. Did the Fire burn and send Joe packing, or did it warm his soul as a gamemaster? Read on to find out.

Limited Edition HeroQuest Announced

Thursday, May 29th, 2003

Issaries, Inc. has announced there will be a limited edition hardcover version of HeroQuest, available through Warehouse 23 as part of the Steve Jackson Games’ line of limited edition books. Both the softcover HeroQuest and the limited edition are expected to ship by July 14, and the limited edition will have the same 288 pages of content as the softcover version, plus the following extras:

  • Custom binding
  • Exclusive blessing (huh?)
  • Glossy, heavy-weight paper
  • Bound-in satin bookmark
  • Original signature by Greg Stafford
  • Customer-selected rune printed on the front cover

The limited hardcover edition will be $100, and will only have enough copies printed to cover (which will be taken through June 14). So, if HeroQuest is your sort of thing, and you want a special version of the new, streamlined rules, go select your rune and order a copy. Make Orlanth proud.

MEG Turns Three. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

Mystic Eye Games has grown and grown over the last few years, and now MEG is turning three years old. To celebrate, a number of special deals are being offered through MEG’s online store. If you’ve been falling behind on your Bluffside products, need some added resources for your Dragonstar campaign, or want to see what The Hunt: Rise of Evil is all about, now may be the time.

Babylon 5 RPG Preview Posted

Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

Mongoose Publishing has posted a 4 meg PDF preview of the Bayblon 5 RPG. Go get it, and see what the licensed game has in store for us.

Denizens of Freeport Get New Citizen

Wednesday, May 28th, 2003

In other free download news, Green Ronin has posted a second web enhancement for Denizens of Freeport. The PDF details rug and tapestry merchant Vartan Nazarian, a potentially helpful halfling for adventurers to know. The first web enhancement for Denizens, an index and character list, is still available as well if you haven’t already seen it.

OgreCave Review: Slayer’s Guide to Duergar

Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

Mongoose Week continues with Joe’s review of Slayer’s Guide to Duergar. These dwarves of the deep caves made for an interesting read, and Joe’s got the breakdown of what makes this d20 supplement work so well. We’ll be picking up the pace with several more Mongoose product reviews as the week goes on, so be sure to check back later.

Not a Gully Dwarf…But Close

Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

Aside from the oft-abused 2nd Edition Gully Dwarf (my favorite class of all time) the Gnome is probably the most abused and ridiculed race in the history of gaming. If you were to make a Gnome Bard I can’t imagine getting any gaming done for all the jokes. Well, Wizards has posted the revised Gnome class for their newest installment of Revision Spotlight leading up to the infamous 3.5E. Check it out, I think the little pointy folk will finally get some props from their peeps.

Eye of Terror Marches On

Tuesday, May 27th, 2003

The Eye of Terror, this summer’s new Warhammer 40K campaign from Games Workshop has a new teaser movie. For the uninformed, the movie will give you just a peek at what is in store this summer. If you haven’t clued into it yet, players involved in The Eye of Terror campaign will help determine the direction of the new 40K edition. This is your chance to help Chaos succeed and vanquish the cannibalistic emperor.

Mongoose Week at OgreCave

Monday, May 26th, 2003

We kick off a week long look at Mongoose Publishing today with a new interview. Find out what the men of Mongoose are up to and what’ll be gracing your shelf in the months ahead. Also, Joe’s provided our first review of the week, appropriately themed to accompany our Mongoose theme. The product in question this time is Mongoose’s Illusionism: Smoke & Mirrors. Have a look, and check back tomorrow for more Mongoose-related goodness.

Crimson Skies Playtest Report, or: Rules-bogeys at 12 o’clock

Monday, May 26th, 2003

If you’re accustomed to other WizKids combat-dial games, the CS Air Action rules are going to throw you some curve balls. Sadly, due to vague technical writing, those curve balls may hit you right in the unmentionables the way they did my test opponent, a MechWarrior fan. Here’s what you need to go in knowing: The turn begins with both players rolling off for initiative. The winner sets speeds on all his planes, and the other player follows suit. Then, the rest of the turn consists of ten pulses, from Speed 10 down to Speed 1. Within each of those pulses, the initiative winner’s planes moving at that Speed get assigned their moves first, then the other player’s (the player who wins initiative each turn is called the Aggressor in the rules – they don’t give a catchy name to the other player, whom we’ve chosen to call Bitch, for a nice A-and-B scheme, but that breaks if you go multiplayer – anyway!). Then the Aggressor’s planes at that Speed reveal their moves, make them, and fire if they want. Then the other player’s. Then you move on to the next lowest pulse, down to 1. Then roll initiative again to start the next turn.

Once you’ve got that straight, this is a fast, chaotic, incredibly fun game. Digging into each plane’s stats reveals deep strategy if you want it. We didn’t try the Aces game, which uses the big figures in the Ace Pack and looks a little like HeroClix. We might test that if we feel wealthy anytime soon, but we have a feeling most people are in this for the planes. It’s a more innovative game, while still satisfying those base urges you can’t deny.

Be careful taking the things out of the packages, though. I’ve already had to glue one.

They Have the Huevos

Saturday, May 24th, 2003

So, which game has the worst art I’ve seen in a while, but gets great laughs and good sales here at KublaCon? Pimps & Hos by Over the Edge Games. Nearly every gamer here has felt compelled to pick up and read a copy, if merely out of disbelief. Yes indeed, it’s about what you think. Their other two card games, You Go to Hell and Who Really Has the Huevos? garner a bit of attention as well, but nowhere near the same level of jaw-dropping, “Oh god, someone made a game about that” type of response. Mike threw down a round while I was running the booth, and scored the requisite $5,000 needed to win first. Mike knows what Johns want.

Live from KublaCon ’03

Saturday, May 24th, 2003

Okay, first: wristbands suck. If anyone out there is planning a con, maybe you’re thinking about those locking wristband things as a handy, secure way of replacing those nastily tradeable, fakeable badges. Don’t do it. You will drive away any clientele who are not geeks and, hence, have other places to be over the weekend. I’m not gonna wear a long-sleeved shirt out to meet my date in the middle of summer, nor to a business dinner. People can slice them off and glue them, sure. But that defeats your clever plan anyway, doesn’t it?

New Site Facilitates Death by Lupucide

Friday, May 23rd, 2003

Cell Entertainment has launched a new website that’s rather slick. Check out the new minis they’ll be releasing soon, order stuff if you like, and find out if Lupucide is even remotely like what I’ve implied. I’m thinking along the lines of “death by ravenous wolves,” but you be the judge.

OgreCave Reviews: Light Speed & Shady Gulch

Thursday, May 22nd, 2003

Another pair of reviews has arrived, ready for all to see. Matthew explores the outer reaches of Cheapass Games’ Light Speed, co-designed by James Ernest and Tom Jolly. Meanwhile, Demian kicks at tumbleweeds as he reviews Shady Gulch from Politically Incorrect Games.