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OgreCave's Games of the Ninja

Games of the Ninja

Konnichiwa. Welcome to OgreCave's exploration of the secretive, deadly assassins of a bygone age, the living embodiment of shadow - the ninja. Or rather, our exploration of the games that feature them - a much safer project.

One can never tell where a ninja warrior will appear in the gaming world. They may only step out from the shadows long enough to end a player's life - er, chances of winning. On rare occasions, become the focus of an entire game. Far more games have been influenced by the hidden plotting of these silent assassins than you would ever guess. Some say that the bandit in Settlers of Catan was trained by ninja, and will cut your thumbs clean off if you inquire too deeply. But we digress...

For international Day of the Ninja, OgreCave has brought together a short list of ninja-themed or ninja-influenced games that just might please a would-be clan assassin enough to keep you alive for a few minutes. The staff of OgreCave cannot be held responsible if that doesn't work out for you, though, so take the proper precautions - hire your own ninjas. See our selections below, and pick up some games that honor the invisible menace of the ninja!  

Games of the Ninja 2008


Domo arigato from the Cave dwelling ninjas of OgreCave. Until next time, stick to the shadows, order a Ninja Burger (see our review as well), and watch your back.


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