2011 Origins Award nominees announced

It’s that time again: this year’s Origins Award nominees have been announced. The shortlists in categories that range from Best RPG and Best Board Game to Best Miniatures Rules are posted, and feature many of the past year’s most popular game releases. The winners will be decided by attendees at

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Saturday 11AM 2010

Continuing the TJI adventure: Sandstorm, the new publishers-facilitators-whateverers of Eclipse Phase as well as… Poo. Apocalypse World Steal Away Jordan The D&D “Never Split The Party” contest GlowFly Games, who I think are set to publish Globalization? DC Adventures from Green Ronin. Also Dragon Age and Song of Ice and

This just in from This Just In From Gen Con, Friday 11 AM 2010

It seems the technical difficulties have been resolved, and shows are flowing again, so now we have show notes for the Friday 11 am show. Guests Darren Watts and Jennifer Brozek lend a hand for the Friday morning show. Ryan swears! Crap! Fat Patrol and Felicia Day. No relation whatsoever.

2010 Origins Award winners announced

Though the news trickled out in other ways, the 2010 Origins Award winners have finally been announced. Among the highlights: the rerelease of Space Hulk beat out Small World for Best Board Game; Looney Labs continues its streak with a Best Party Game win for Are You the Traitor?; the