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After the recent layoff of 100+ people at Wizards of the Coast, what do you predict next for the company?
Total recovery. WotC will become profitable, and return to their former glory.
They'll discover the next uber-collectible game, ride it for a year or two, and be right back here again.
They'll become just another D20 company.
All the laid-off folks will start their own company.
More layoffs whenever Hasbro needs to look good.
WotC goes into hiding, fugitives from Hasbro's law.
Hasbro will eventually challenge the OGL in court.
Total demise. In a year or two, WotC won't exist, having been sold off piece by piece.

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Unplugged Gaming News And Views
Monday, September 30, 2002
8:03 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Goodman Games Contracts Rare Form of Lycanthropy
Next January, Goodman Games will expand upon its Complete Guide line with the Complete Guide to Wererats. The d20 sourcebook will be usable in any setting, and will give details on the "secretive Council of the Flesh" (which sounds rude, but I'm sure it isn't), along with new feats, classes, and skills designed just for wererats and other shapechangers. Like the other books in the series, Wererats will retail for $11. Of course, the Complete Guide line will welcome books on T-Rex in October and Dopplegangers in November, so you'll be plenty busy until the vicious lycanthropes arrive.

12:44 PM: Greg Kessler says...
Queen's Tier gets the Nod from Wizards of the Coast
The fan run campaign setting, The Queen's Tier, has been given permission by Wizards of the Coast to reference certain copyrighted material on their site. WotC is allowing the site's administrators to use material from a wide range of their products. Soon you will see references to books such as Oriental Adventures, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, Magic of Faerun, Masters of the Wild, Song and Silence, Sword and Fist, Tome and Blood, and Defenders of the Faith! Accompanying this monumental step, the folks at Queen's Tier have redesigned their page and given it an all new look. Do it yourself lives on.

12:47 AM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Mutants & Masterminds Skips d20 Logo
This just in: Green Ronin Publishing has announced that Mutants & Masterminds, the upcoming superhero RPG, will be released under the Open Game License only. Yes folks, this means the d20 logo will not be on the cover (though the book will still use the d20 System). "The game was so close to being complete on its own," said Green Ronin President Chris Pramas, "that we decided to go for it and let Mutants & Masterminds' quality speak for itself." This decision allows GR to include all the necessary rules for a stand-alone RPG, with character creation, powers, and other goodies. This will be the first time a non-fantasy d20 RPG has foregone the d20 License and logo recognition.

So what else should we watch for in this hardcover, 192-page, full-color beauty? Author Steve Kenson will do his best to wow us with the game's point-based character creation, with Feats and Super Feats, with more than 100 powers, an intro adventure, and a "streamlined system that requires only one die, a d20, to play." The hero templates sound pretty sweet, too: Battlesuit, Elemental, Gadgeteer, Martial Artist, Metamorph, Mimic, Mystic, Original (huh?), Powerhouse, Psychic, Speedster, and Totem. There's sure be something for everyone. Mutants & Masterminds arrives in October (read: pretty damn soon) with a price tag of $32.95.

Sunday, September 29, 2002
11:42 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
New Reviews: Tower Siege & GURPS Prime Directive
For our latest salvo of new reviews, we've got a card game and a trip down Trek memory lane. First, Craig gives us his impression of Tower Siege from Arcane Games. Then Matthew spills the details of GURPS Prime Directive, which follows the Star Fleet Battles version of Federation history. Let the reading begin!

9:45 PM: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Total Carnage! I Love It!
I'm sorry, but this is just cool. Why didn't I hear about it earlier?
['Cuz you didn't see the huge ad in Dragon this month. - Allan]

4:29 PM: Greg Kessler says...
More Games Enter the D20 Orbit
The latest D20 conversion announcement comes from Guardians of Order. This week it was announced that their signature anime game Big Eyes Small Mouth is going D20. Following in the footsteps of games like Rolemaster (someone explain that one to me), BESM D20 is expected in Spring of 2003. Additionally, they will be producing a D20 version of the BESM guide to robots and things, Big Robots, Cool Starships. If you have not played the original BESM, the second edition rule book was released earlier this year, and is a real hoot.

4:00 PM: Greg Kessler says...
Here comes Optasia!
A group of gamers have announced a new RPG system that they think will be the answer to your prayers. Optasia is a new system designed by a group of New Jersey gamers and set in a world called Taboo. The game isn't quite ready, but their web page is online, and there's a bunch of information for you and anyone else interested in a new game. The game will reportedly contain a new, more realistic combat system, a divided experience point system, and new ideas on armor. The Taboo World is a civilization trying to claw its way out from under its past sins. The Optasia web page has extensive information on the game and the world. If you are tired of the same old stuff, give this a shot.

3:44 PM: Greg Kessler says...
New Pictures from Black Tree Designs
Right on schedule, the folks at Black Tree Design have posted pictures of some of their newest miniatures. For their Dark Ages line, Vikings abound. Make sure to take a look at the new Naked Viking Beserkers with Axes. For their WWII line, there are all kinds of new German Vehicles. Black Tree has a nice set of tank crewmen for your next battle. They also have a great "buy one dragon, get one free" deal going on.

Saturday, September 28, 2002
3:10 PM: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Eagle Games Continues Horribly Miscegenating Nature's Design
By which I mean that they've licensed another popular strategy PC game to turn into one of their signature big-box, lotsa-plastic throwdowns. We first saw their gorgeous board-game conversion of Sid Meier's Civilization at Origins (it appears to have been delayed somewhat, it now being the end of September). Now they've announced Age of Mythology, a game based on the RTS title Microsoft's releasing to follow up the Age of Empires line. The board game is set to release next spring (although schedules already look a little funny - at the time of this posting, the relevant press release is itself late). Here's hoping Eagle meets with more success with this license than Journeyman did. I hope to rustle up some fans of the first Civ computer game to try the board game when it arrives.

2:55 PM: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Gnome Tribes Playtest Report
So a few weeks ago these two games from Tilsit show up at the store. Most of the Tilsit games I've seen are longish strategy games, up to 5 hours in average play time, and many of them hue pretty closely to the conquest mold: you have a big map of territories, you have units that travel across them and kick each other's asses, et cetera. I've been calling this kind of game "Risk-like" just so people know what I'm talking about, although few of them are like Risk. One of the two games I had my eye on was Space Pigs, which actually looks not very Risk-like at all. It looks more like Starfarers or Cosmic Encounter. It does involve hunting for the secret recipe for beer, however, so it might be worth a look. The other was Gnome Tribes - more directly Risk-like, which is what I'm into right now, and cheaper, so it came home with me.

If anyone from Tilsit is reading, here's a little tip for y'all: hire a native English speaker to edit your English rules. There are so many vaguenesses and confusing phrasings in this game that they finally accumulated to the point where we had to stop. It's a real shame, because we were having a good time and the game is definitely promising. But we were convinced that the game would go for four hours, rather than the 2 hours advertised, the way we were playing - and that while we were having a decent time, that kind of length is more than the game as it was going could support. Trouble is, the game doesn't end until four turns after the last card is drawn (at which point you randomly determine the win conditions - awesome!), and there are so many costs and obstacles to making a successful card draw that consuming the deck was taking forever. Once everyone has a few cards, it makes more sense to try and steal them from each other instead. We couldn't find anything in the rules that clearly stated that weapon cards and bonus cards were one use only - or indeed, that clearly stated how exactly you're supposed to use them. We figure the game will be much more fun once we try it with single-use weapons. There are also errors: the first page of rules tells you that two fives, one 1, and three zeroes add up to 15. "Maybe gnomes count funny!" was the enthusiastic response in our play group.

So, again, it's a decently fun game that shipped broken, and invites hacking. Publishers, listen up: shipping a game with major problems really only works when it's a PC game and people can download patches. Okay?

8:33 AM: Greg Kessler says...
A.I. Armoured Intelligence Ready for Playtest
A.I. Armoured Intelligence is a soon to be released small-scale wargame, designed to simulate conflict between a small number of AI-controlled tanks at short range. This small press game announced this week that its playtest rules are ready for download, FREE. You can also check out tank specs and more on their download page. So get in on the ground floor and take the game out for a spin today.

Friday, September 27, 2002
5:51 PM: Craig Robertson says...
For the Power Gamer Who Has Everything
Palladium Books has announced their 2002 X-Mas Surprise Package. Let Kevin Siembieda be your personal shopper as he selects and autographs the perfect gift for that Rifts afficionado on your Christmas list. Palladium guarantees at least $45 worth of product for the $25 list price. While you are ordering, you should visit the Cutting Room Floor and download a few character sheets, or even a PDFof the original RECON.

12:50 PM: Greg Kessler says...
Warriors from George Lucas' Past
One of the most interesting things to be added to the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars page lately is stats for the mystical Morgukai Warriors. Originally a character in the Expanded Universe comic books, the Morgukai Warriors are a nearly forgotten secret society from the distant past (theirs not ours). Placing them at the time of the Geonosian crisis, this new look at these warriors includes nice background as well as ready-to-use stats and feats.

Thursday, September 26, 2002
5:00 PM: Greg Kessler says...
Forge World and their 40K Masterpiece
Forge World has posted pictures of their new Thunderhawk Gunship for WarHammer 40K. New pictures of the interior of an unpainted ship and a side by side picture of the old and new versions of the ship are featured on the page. The old ones were metal and the new ones are resin, you can see the real quality of the new ships. Forge World has also posted pictures of their new Pylon 40K Necron weapon system. These pictures prove that Forge World makes some of the most astounding models for gaming anywhere.

10:07 AM: Greg Kessler says...
As if Mage: The Ascension wasn't Creepy Enough
White Wolf has opened up a page in their online store for players to preorder their November Mage: The Ascension release, Manifesto: Transmissions from the Rogue Council. This upcoming book details cryptic messages sent magically to Tradition mages in councils from the Rogue Council, a secret group advocating war. Sounds like a great book.

6:53 AM: Greg Kessler says...
The Power of Hell Compels You...To Visit Fast Forward Entertainment
Fast Forward Entertainment has posted an index of creatures, challenge ratings, magic, and more for their Encyclopedia of Demons & Devils II, all in the handy PDF format. Fast Forward has also posted a web enhancement for the book. This 10 page PDF includes all kinds of new evil, any one of whom can be used to kill off offending members of the party and send those folks packing.

Wednesday, September 25, 2002
7:58 PM: Greg Kessler says...
Bastion Press Thinks You're a Loser
Well that is not exactly the truth. Bastion Press announced that the open call for submissions for their upcoming Pale Designs: A Poisoner's Handbook has ended and the winning authors have been notified. So if you sent something and you have not heard yet, you're probably not the next Monte Cook or Ken St.Andre (at least not yet). But that should not stop you from picking up this hip book when it is released in January.

7:44 PM: Greg Kessler says...
R.A. Salvatore's new Novel Out in October
In October Wizards of the Coast is releasing the first novel of a coming trilogy from R.A. Salvatore. The Thousand Orcs is book one of The Hunter's Blades trilogy, a new series featuring Drizzt Do'Urden and set in the Forgotten Realms campaign world. First seen in the Dark Elf trilogy, The Thousand Orcs is the first book to focus exclusively on the exploits of Drizzt Do'Urden. To coincide with the book's release, Salvatore will be doing a signing tour. Keep an eye on his home page for dates and places.

7:23 PM: Greg Kessler says...
Battle Grid Deluxe Arrives from ZenoGames
ZenoGames has done us all a great favor and released a Battle Grid Deluxe Edition. Included in the new edition are miniatures of a bunch of armies:

  • WWI US Army Doughboys
  • WWI German Infantry “Huns”
  • WWI British Infantry
  • Chinese Boxers 1900
  • British Army – Boxer Rebellion 1900
  • Egyptian Army – 1882
  • British Army – 1882
  • French Knights
  • Union Infantry
  • Confederate Infantry
  • British Infantry – 1776
    and more.
    It also includes the Battle Grid Board Game. With this one simple system you can wage any type of historical war your blood lust desires. Ready..Set...WAR!

    6:44 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    New Harn Stuff Abounds
    Columbia Games, makers of the unbelievably expansive world of Harn, has posted some goodies for all you Harn-o-philes.

  • Two new PDF and print releases, Selvos Castle, and Dragons and Tournaments.
  • New optional Language Rules for HârnMaster by: James Currie
    Check out the new Columbia Games store. PDF copies are all half price.

    Tuesday, September 24, 2002
    5:48 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    White Wolf Returns from Germany with a New Game
    White Wolf has announced the impending publication of Engel a game of angelic combat. Originally published in Germany by one of White Wolf's licensees, Engel can be played with a revolutionary new Tarot card system or D20 rules (both are included in the core rule book). At White Wolf's new Engel web site you can get a look at PDF's of character sheets, maps, and excerpts, as well as explanations of the angelic orders, all on the download page. Sounds like a nice game. For something similar that's been around for awhile, see the Archangel website from Visionary Games.

    3:35 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    Steer-ing Toward Battle Cattle: Third Edition
    Okay, no more puns in this post. I promise.

    Because the world demanded it, Wingnut Games just announced plans for Battle Cattle: Third Edition. The new, revised rules will include "more cow breeds, weapons, modifications and accessories" equalling 48 pages of bovine combat fun. The book will arrive this December at a price of $17.95, and will also include a full color pasture battlefield and full color "cow chips" (no, that's Aldo's pun, not mine, so it doesn't count) to assist the poor souls that 't already have the latest Battle Cattle minis. What could possibly make this book better? The fact that Colin Adams, OgreCave's own excellent artist, is doing the full-color cover. I've seen a rough draft of it while peeking over his shoulder, and quite frankly, this book is going to look awesome.

    12:03 AM: Craig Robertson says...
    Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys Now Shipping for GURPS WWII
    Return to Honor brings the French to GURPS WWII. Now you too can surrender, then wait for the United States to bail you out. In fact, it's a little bit like playing a cleric. A rude, arrogant cleric who is into smelly kinds of cheeses. Also shipping from SJ Games: GURPS Modern Firepower and Hellboy Heroes Miniatures.

    Monday, September 23, 2002
    3:32 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    0one Games Unveils The Minotaur
    0one Games has unveiled its newest D&D3e adventure, The Minotaur. In their new preview you can get a look at a list of the adventure's features (classes, monsters), a quick look at some art and a glimpse of some new maps. Not a lot give away the plot, but a quick look at another impressive PDF from 0one Games.

    12:49 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Free Preview of Unearth: The Dark Future
    Etherworld has posted an eight page preview of their upcoming debut release, Unearth: The Dark Future. Unearth is a new D20 campaign setting in the post-apocalyptic milieu. The preview contains a new prestige class (are their any unprestigeous classes?) called Preatorian. These nice folks are traveling knowledge-seekers looking for answers about the time before the "Great Shattering". Sounds nice and fuzzy. The game's creator has previously published a book recounting the work of Uber-Dork Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic-TV fame. The game sounds neat though. The company says that they plan on releasing more cores and supplements in 2003.

    12:14 AM: Craig Robertson says...
    Yet Another Traveller D20 Post...
    Quiklink Interactive is now offering a free 36-page campaign setting and adventure for download at their T20 site. The Linkworlds Cluster contains information about the seven Shanape Link Worlds and multiple Amber Zone adventure seeds, Patron Encounters, and Mercenary Tickets. The setting can be used for any version of Traveller, but stats are tailored for use with T20. With all this great swag, I'm getting almost as giddy as Greg.

    Sunday, September 22, 2002
    11:36 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    EMPIRE FLAGELLANTS...The Perfect Way to Say I Love You
    Games Workshop has offered up some new minis for Warhammer at their US Store. The new page describes them as...The Flagellants of the Empire are penniless zealots who band together under the leadership of some ranting madman, a Prophet of Doom. They travel together from battle to battle and throw themselves into the fray as a gesture of sacrifice. Due to the constant hardships they endure and the constant visions of world destruction, Flagellants are difficult to kill and completely fearless. Sounds like a fun bunch to add to your Warhammer army.

    10:03 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    New PDF For Sale at Iron Crown
    Originally published in 1992 by famed Shadow World designer Terry Amthor, Eidolon: City In the Sky is being republished by ICE as a PDF. The book is an exact reprint, except for new cover and interior art and is just the latest in a line of classic modules made available in PDF form. Last week the 1989 source book Jaiman: Land of Twilight was released in PDF. Hopefully this is a trend we will continue to see. Not only did they save Rolemaster from trash bin, but actions like this go along way in creating good will in the whole community (unlike other companies that cancel games and lock them in a vault forever).

    9:30 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    My Obsession with Traveller D20 Continues
    If you take a quick look at the T20 site, you can see the hip new design they have unveiled to celebrate the game's impending release. You get all these goodies:

  • A development site dedicated to an alternate T20 Timeline.
  • A new look for the Travellers Aide PDF series.
  • A great Traveller store featuring things from Judges Guild, Far Future, and British Isle Traveller Support.
    Visit now.

    12:43 AM: Craig Robertson says...
    Proof That Idle Hands ARE the Devil's Playground
    Forgeworld designer Will Hayes has created a multi-part Epic Space Marine in 6mm. It will be available for sale at Games Day UK only. In addition, Epic Imperial Guard units get some serious ground support with the Marauder Bomber and Destroyer. Also available will be the Imperial Armor Update and the Lucius Pattern Warhound Titan for 40K.

    Saturday, September 21, 2002
    11:30 AM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    Review : Basic Roleplaying
    Demian's given us his less-than-excited opinion of Basic Roleplaying, by Chaosium. Could the re-release be worth a look, or is it worse than the original? Read on and find out.

    7:41 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    Todd Morasch's Oathbound Map for Free
    Some of the best art in the Bastion Press' new Oathbound: Domains of the Forge is by Art Director Todd Morasch. His map of the world, The Forge, was handed out at Gen Con and now it is available on the Bastion Press site as a free PDF. This is some of the best art I have seen in some time, check it out.

    Friday, September 20, 2002
    6:32 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Steve Jackson has Ninja Burger
    Today Steve Jackson announced the upcoming release of a new Ninja Burger Card Game. Hoping to repeat his success with Munchkin and Star Munchkin, Steve designed the game himself. The Ninja Burger Card Game is tentatively set for a Spring 2003 release.

    6:09 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Babylon 5 RPG Dies a Quiet Death
    Agents of Gaming has announced that Warner Brothers has decided not to extend any Babylon 5 licenses. This means that as of October 31 of this year at AOG, all remaining B5 RPG stock will meet the same fate as the Middle Earth RPG at Iron Crown. In short, all books and materials will be destroyed. For a nice FAQ on the whole depressing debacle, see the B5 News page at the AOG site. The real question is, what next for Flounder?

    5:37 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Oathbound Adventure Free From Bastion Press
    For those of you who have been lucky enough to get a copy of Oathbound from Bastion Press, now you can get a glimpse of the the first adventure to be published for The Forge, Oathbound's game world. Bastion Press has posted a free PDF adventure for 5th level characters. Waters of Akaya is a free introductory adventure for the Oathbound: Domains of the Forge campaign setting. Oathbound is perhaps one of the coolest campaign settings ever designed for role-playing and promises to be a real humdinger for Bastion Press. If you don't have it, get it.

    Thursday, September 19, 2002
    7:21 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    New Star Wars Goodies from Wizards of the Coast
    The supreme Jedi Council (otherwise known as a bunch of guys at Wizards of the Coast) have issued some real goodies for the Star Wars RPG.

  • Arms & Equipment Guide is the new catalog for the discerning violence junkie. The preview that WotC posted gives you just a sampling of the hundreds of death dealing devices. You get to see a Merr-Sonn Model 434 "DeathHammer", BlasTech 500 "ESPO" Riot Gun, and a N'Gant-Zarvel 9118 Heavy Carbine (when you absolutely, positively, got to kill everything in sight...accept no substitutes).
  • Smart Space Slug is this week's featured icky thing. These wily little things live in asteroid fields, eating mineral deposits and generally making themselves available as plot devices.
  • For those of us who sometimes take role-playing too far, WotC has opened some a forum for us to get some counseling. Jedi Counseling with JD Wiker will be a will be a once or twice a month column where JD will answer your questions. So go a head and e-mail JD your problems, he even looks like Dr. Phil. But who gets to be Oprah?

    2:27 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Chaosium Goes Offline...Yig Reportedly the Cause
    Chaosium has announced that their internet provider ceased providing DSL service. As a result, Chaosium is not receiving emails and their discussion boards are offline. The company is currently looking for a new provider, and has already moved its web page to a new server, so you can still get your evil on.

    2:06 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Wizards of the Coast has a Chapter for You...Drow That Is
    Wizards of the Coast has posted a sample chapter of the upcoming Forgotten Realms novel War of the Spider Queen Book II: Insurrection by Tomas M Reid. Coming on the heels of the best of the Forgotten Realms adventure module of the same name, Insurrection contains characters contained in previous suppliments and book one of the series. Rich Baker revealed in a WotC chat that there are 3E stats already created for some characters. Insurrection is set to be released in November 2002.

    Wednesday, September 18, 2002
    7:34 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Try Children of the Sun ... For Free
    Misguided Games has posted a large PDF file that allows people to demo Children of the Sun. This 40 page document includes quickstart rules for Children of the Sun and a short scenario, complete with characters. So sample the ultimate dieselpunk fantasy role-playing game and erase the image of Billy Thorpe forever.

    7:20 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Huzzah...Traveller D20 is on the Way
    Traveller D20 is on its way from the printer. RPG Realms announced that books should begin shipping on October 8th and all stores should have their copies by the 21st. They are encouraging people who want the book to pre-order a copy at their local shop and help give the book a big debut.

    2:29 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Dragonlance Has Offspring
    Today Wizards of the Coast announced a partnership with Sovereign Press to produce supplements for a new Dragonlance campaign setting. The new Dragonlance Campaign Setting hardcover rulebook will be written by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin. The core rulebook will be published by WotC and Weis and Perrin will also write Dragonlance novels (also for WotC). Sovereign Press has licensed the rights to publish accessories and supplements for the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. Sovereign Press is owned by Weis and Perrin and looks do do much of the follow through on the game (hopefully avoiding the Wheel of Time debacle). There are plans to produce a trilogy of novels set in Taladas, a continent on the Dragonlance world. Margaret Weis states: "One of the reasons that Sovereign Press was chosen to bring out the Dragonlance d20 RPG is that we have demonstrated with Sovereign Stone that we can successfully develop a complete campaign world, with support product, set within the d20 System(tm). The Sovereign Stone product line has been incredibly successful, as evidenced by a fourth printing of the Campaign Sourcebook."
    The whole SHEBANG is set to be released in summer 2003. Look for more to come.

    1:36 AM: Craig Robertson says...
    Steve Jackson Games Calls for Fresh Meat (or was that Brains?)
    If you enjoy working for free, there are several new job opportunities at SJ Games. First, the Austin, Texas cell of the famed MIB is recruiting. In addition to general PR and demo work, they are sometimes called upon for new product assembly and in-house playtesting. You can contact Adam C. Lipscomb, cell leader, at Secondly, Scott Haring is looking for a couple of promising cub reporters for Pyramid and d20 Weekly. If you are interested, e-mail Mark Schmidt at With any luck, you can soon be making as much as any of us highly-qualified Ogrecave staffers.

    Tuesday, September 17, 2002
    1:22 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    More Deadlands Freebies from the Way Out West
    Pinnacle Entertainment has been nice enough to post free character sheets and maps for Deadlands: Lost Colony. There are PDF character sheets for Lost Colony Classic and D20, as well as maps for:

  • Banshee
  • Temptation
  • Fertile Crescent
    Pinnacle has one of the best freebie pages in gaming, you can catch it here.

    1:12 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Dystopia: America 2155AD Ready for Pre-Order
    Politically Incorrect Games is now taking pre-orders for Dystopia: America 2155AD. Dystopia: America 2155AD is set to be released in early October and revolves around revolution and liberation in a corporate controlled America of the future. PIGames describes Dystopia as "a game of brutal combat intended for mature audiences." More gore for the bored masses. I wonder if there is a Seattle sourcebook coming. You can download a free version of the game here.

    Monday, September 16, 2002
    7:13 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Newest Heavy Gear Supplement to Ship from Dream Pod 9
    Dream Pod 9 has announced that Life on Atlantis, the latest supplement for Heavy Gear will be shipping to stores this week. Life on Atlantis is the third sourcebook in a line detailing the human colony worlds of Heavy Gear. Atlantis is a deadly waterworld where even the slightest mistake can spell instant death. Along with the new source book, DP9 will be shipping some new Heavy Gear minatures. You can check out pics of the Tiger and the Warrior on their web page.

    7:01 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Necromancer Games Gives Up the Good Stuff
    The benevolent forces at Necromancer Games have blessed the gaming community with their own contribution to open gaming content. The nice folks at Necromancer have posted the Original Spell Name Compendium, a list of converted spell names for use by anyone in the industry. Why have they done this? Well here is what I understand. Some time ago, Wizards of the Coast removed spells featuring the names of famous NPC's (that's an odd concept) from available open content. The result of this is D20 publishers are left to cope with how to refer to major spells whose names they can no longer use. Well Necromancer has published a 20 page PDF with new spell names and descriptions. Kind of confusing, but very nice. Before you download the list, take a look at the legal stuff here.

    6:27 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Bonds of Magic Previews at Malhavoc Press Site
    In less than a week the new book from Sean K. Reynolds, Bonds of Magic will be released by Malhavoc Press. In the mean time Monte Cook and friends have posted a whole host of previews at the Malhavoc Press site. At the moment you can sample a bit of the Bonds of Magic art work and an interview with Sean. It is a nice interview, and if you ever wanted to see what Monte Cook's feet look like, there are some photos that are just for you.

    3:52 AM: Demian Katz says...
    Rummy + Dominoes = Pokino
    Invisible City Productions' latest free game of the month is here. It's a neat little Rummy/Dominoes hybrid called Pokino. The game is played using double-12 dominoes, a Poker deck and lots of tokens, and two or more players can participate. The rules also include numerous variants, so once again, you'll get lots more than your money's worth!

    12:57 AM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    New Interview: Robin Laws
    Our ever-curious interviewer Joe Kushner brings us today's Q&A to start the week off right. This time, Joe's brought us an interview with Robin Laws, the impressive and prolific game designer. Have a look, and find the answer to that all-important question: what smells of ferret?

    Sunday, September 15, 2002
    10:59 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    WotC: Stirring up Trouble, or Playing the Hits?
    The latest d20 buzz is all involving the upcoming Book of Vile Darkness, WotC's hardcover D&D3e book of "mature subjects" written by Monte Cook. The book will go where no other "official" D&D rulebook has gone: deep into the nature of evil. Reportedly, the book will contain rules for human sacrifices, evil organizations, playing evil PCs, a plethora of demons, wicked spells, dark artifacts, and everything else you'd expect from a big 20 release. The commotion in the industry about D&D's first "mature themes" rulebook is shown by reactions such as this one that recent Origins Hall of Fame Inductee Tracy Hickman posted at ENworld in reaction to the specially-sealed preview section promoting the book in Dragon #300. Here's a quick taste of his reaction:

    This literally makes me sick. [...] This destroys it all for me. Every dark fear that mothers and clergy across America have about D&D is now, suddenly, true. In one stroke, I watched everything that Laura and I had worked toward for the last 25 years come crashing to the ground. [...] Do you honestly think you can dump filth into our trough and blithely expect us to feed on it? You have sold out cheaply to the animal within, apparently too lazy to write something positive and strong. [...] Do you honestly think that we will all follow you into this dark place?
    Industry folks I've heard from seem to be at one of the two extremes. They've either said "WotC can print what they want, freedom of speech, etc, it won't hurt the hobby," or "This is a huge mistake, WotC should take the book off their release schedule before they hurt roleplaying beyond repair."

    WotC must be loving all the attention, especially since it's focusing on something other than layoffs.

    7:40 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Magic of Faerűn Prestige Classes
    Wizards of the Coast has posted a new Prestige Class for Forgotten Realms. The latest freebie from WotC includes epic level progressions for three existing classes from Magic of Faerűn (wizard of Waterdeep, the incantatrix, and the mage-killer) and a brand new epic class called the spellfire hierophant. This new Prestige Class character is a master of the mad spellfire. A nice character to add to any epic level campaign. All of this is to enhance the rules from the recently released Epic Level Handbook.

    Friday, September 13, 2002
    5:13 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    New PDF at the Iron Crown Site
    Emer Book I: Haestra, The Northwest has been added as a color PDF download from the Iron Crown Enterprises site. The new 132 page book includes:

  • A detailed timeline
  • A large section devoted to the realms of Haestra
  • Info on the Changramai Warrior-monk College, the Eight orders of the Old Empire, & other powerful groups & individuals
  • New info on secret places
  • Beast & NPC charts
  • 6 maps detailing the region for the GM, with secret places, and many features not on the PC map
  • Four city maps: Aquitar, the Port of Izar, Artha, and Sarnak, city of the Amazons
    ICE has also added a PDF addendum to Fire and Ice. Check them both out on the ICE site.

    4:54 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Free Scenario for Star Wars RPG
    After a bad week at the Wizards of the Coast headquarters, we have something free and useful. Steal of a Deal is a free adventure for any Star Wars RPG era. This mini-adventure is designed for four 4th-level characters and can be be easily upscaled for higher level characters (higher level characters, different outcomes). You get a couple of nice NPC's to steal for yourself and a little criminal organization to defeat. Get it while the place is still standing.

    10:17 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    More on the Return of Battlefleet Gothic
    Games Workshop has added some additional details regarding the relaunch of Battlefleet Gothic. The new Battlefleet Gothic box set includes a rulebook and 8 plastic multi-part Imperial and Chaos Cruisers which can assembled into a variety of different spaceship types. It also includes dice, rulers, counters to represent celestial phenomenon, weapons fire, torpedoes, fighters and bombers, labels for naming your ships, fleet registration sheets, and everything else needed to get playing right out of the box. In addition to the box, GW is releasing Invasion. Invasion will include scenarios, painting tips and WarHammer 40K scenarios to be used with Battlefleet Gothic. After the release of the box set, GW will be releasing new miniatures from Citadel. As always, Games Workshop is known for giving up lots of web only freebies, so keep your eyes open. You can also expect to see more games from GW make their way back into stores soon (stuff like Mordheim, Inquisitor, and Warmaster). Check out the press release for more details.

    9:34 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    Paper Buildings are all the Rage
    Starbase Omega 3 from MicroTactix is ready for you and your game. The new Starbase Omega 3 set contains everything you need to build a nice paper starport, shuttle pads and all manner of spaceish type things. A wide variety of cardstock figures, signs, vehicles and detail accessories also come in the set to add variety to your creations. The great thing is the set comes as downloadable PDF files, which means you can print and build as many buildings as you want!

    7:10 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    More Savage Lands Previews
    Pinnacle Entertainment has posted part six of their Savage Lands preview. In this installment, Shane Hensley gives you a sneak preview of the upcoming Savage Lands Campaign. Shane also gives us insight into the creation of the Evernight setting and how it's going to be a boon to people looking for a cool place to run their own campaign. You also get a nice PDF preview of the Musketeer Profession (you need to look at it just to see the wicked weird gun he carries). Also swing by and check out the new Deadlands miniatures at Jeff Valent Studios.

    Thursday, September 12, 2002
    11:47 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    Aerial Adventure Guide Preview
    Breaking from their dinosaur theme, Goodman Games will soon be releasing three Aerial Adventure Guides and be the first to take d20 into the clouds. The first volume, Rulers of the Sky, should arrive in stores on Monday. In the meantime, a new 9-page preview of the Guides is up, as is the company's look back at DragonCon 2002.

    Freeport Assassin Freebie Posted
    Green Ronin has put together a web enhancement for the recently released Assassins Handbook. The brief PDF file describes a charming woman and her lesser-known skills. When I noticed her name (Countess D'Amberville), it made me want to break out one of my personal favorites, the old D&D module Castle Amber. Ah, the memories...

    6:24 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    New Cave Add-ons: FFG Interview & Longest Night Review
    The title says it all. The d20 onslaught continues with Joe's interview of Wil Upchurch and Greg Benage from Fantasy Flight Games. Also, Demian brings us a glowing review of The Longest Night, part one of The Witchfire Trilogy from Privateer Press.

    12:39 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    Cross-licensed Settings for EABA & Action Exploits
    We just received this tidbit from Brett at PI Games: "BTRC and Politically Incorrect Games have reached a cross-licensing agreement to release settings for their respective universal rpg systems, EABA and Action Exploits Diceless Roleplaying." Okay, so what are they? Well, Action Exploits is a free diceless RPG system from PI Games coming out soon (a pre-release of the core rules will be available by the end of this month). The government conspiracies and UFOs of BTRC's CORPS setting will be translated to the Action Exploits system to get players started on the fun. EABA is a "realistic, heroic, fast, flexible" generic RPG system that can be entirely "Internet-based and computer-friendly." The rules even have conversion notes to cross over to GURPS. The setting of PI Games' The Colonies will cross the system barrier, allowing EABA players to free Earth from alien occupation with their psionics, biotech, and off-world militia. Both systems will be in electronic format only, so fire up the modem when you hear they've arrived.

    Wednesday, September 11, 2002
    11:57 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    GenCon Officially Considering Adding West Coast Show
    The GenCon website has confirmed what we reported a week ago: that Peter Adkison and crew are seriously considering the creation of a third GenCon show, this one in southern California. In fact, things are serious enough that your input is requested, so head over to the site and chime in. I'm hearing that San Diego is likely to be the location, and either April or November the month it occurs in, but rumors are still flying so who knows. In addition, the site has posted a PDF of the tentative floorplan for the first GenCon Indy, making the upcoming venue change seem that much more real. Seems to be the same floorplan the GenCon folks showed at the exhibitors meeting at last month's final GenCon Milwaukee. Gotta love all those skywalks.

    7:15 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    Traveller T20 is at the Printer, Whoopie
    The folks at RPG Realms have announced that the hotly anticipated Traveller D20 core rulebook is off to the printers. As soon as there is a definite delivery date we will let you know. In the meantime, you can still download the T20 Lite PDF for FREE.

    12:46 AM: Craig Robertson says...
    This is going to cut into my Transformers budget
    JoyRide Studios displayed their new line of Mechwarrior toys at the 2002 International Model & Hobby Expo in Rosemont, Illinois this weekend. Although both hefty and pricey, they do look sharp. The folks at JoyRide even included the parts to convert your Forestry Mech into the Forestry Mech MOD.

    This one's for all the Grognards out there...
    Multiman Publishing, the savior of Avalon Hill wargames, has a full plate of goodies lined up for the faithful in the months to come. Advanced Squad Leader has a new Historical Study in preorder. The Great Campaigns of the Civil War series has a new set of standardized rules available for download. And for those of us who are old enough to remember life before Pokemon, Panzerblitz II and a CCG version of Up Front are in development.

    Tuesday, September 10, 2002
    8:01 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    You want $100.00, Show me Some Random Traps
    Dreaming Merchant Press wants you to design some nifty dungeon or adventuring area and submit it to their new DM Dungeon Design Contest. The contest is to celebrate the release of DM Dungeon Designer v.2. The grand prize is the previously mentioned $100.00 bones, plus Volume 1, 2, and 3 of Gaming Frontiers! and the DM Graphic Cyclopedia! (print version). There are also nice prizes for those losers who can settle for runner up. You can enter as many times as you like. Ready, Set, Random Monsters!

    6:55 PM: Mike Sugarbaker says...
    RollerCoaster Tycoon Board Game Playtest Report
    It was like seeing God in the Toys R Us. I was just there to kill some time looking at Legos, and really, honestly did not expect to be looking in the games aisle. And there it was. The video game that devoured so very many neurons during the late period of my dot-commery, transmuted into my new medium of choice. And at $20 for a substantially heavy box, I had to go there. Also, they had things you fold up so they're 3D. I mourn my lost copy of Oh What A Mountain... I still mourn.

    Anyway! Since I had a game night already on my schedule that very evening, here's how it went. I could tell looking at the box that it was going to be Monopoly-like, with hints of Fast Food Franchise and the kind of indirection you get in, I don't know, Kill Doctor Lucky? This game's nothing like Kill Doctor Lucky. It's just that there are all these Guest tokens that don't belong to a particular player, and... yeah. Every turn, you turn over Event cards until it tells you to stop - this is how the game calendar gets advanced, as well as how auctions get called, bringing rides and attractions into your hands. You win the game with Guest points, which you get by rolling the dice and moving the specified Guest the specified number of spaces. Landing on a ride somebody owns gives them, and you, the ride's value in points. Landing on a ride you own means you get to keep both sets of points. Other random crap happens in the Event deck as well.

    You really only ever get to make two decisions in this game: whether to bid again on a ride, and which of two to five spaces to move the Guest you rolled to. We soon figured out that a good strategy was to have very few rides and to hold on to all of your money. Money you have left at the end of the game counts for points, so you could spend the whole game splitting enough Guest points with people to get a respectable amount, then pull ahead with your money. One possible solution to this problem is to remove the money-making cards from the deck and give ride owners money rather than points, thereby keeping ride-light players from having lots of money to stockpile after the start of the game. We also thought the handymen and mechanics were sadly underused, and got halfway through designing an expansion rule set to use them offensively.

    Like Star Wars Epic Duels before it, RCT is an appealing yet kinda broken package that contains plenty of food for thought and tools for motivated gamers to do a little kit-bashing - all in the absurdly over-produced and under-priced Hasbro mass-market style. If you liked the video game (the third biggest selling PC game of all time, last I checked), you might want to have a look.

    4:39 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Eden Studios Unveils Savage Woman (and she's cheap)
    Eden Studios has released a preview of their Savage Woman Archetype for the Terra Primate game. Terra Primate is the soon to be released game featuring uppity apes and a nice dose of human struggle (sounds like a really bad movie staring Marky Mark, and no, I'm not referring to Boogie Nights). Says the Savage Woman..."My parents were selected by the ape army to breed healthy young, strong workers." Ouch! Sounds like a recipe for success.

    1:08 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    New Stuff: Paradigm Interview & Review
    It's Paradigm Day here at the Cave. We've got an interview with Paradigm Concepts for you to peruse and learn about one of the hottest D20 companies. We've also got a review of Lords of the Peaks, Paradigm's sourcebook for making giants more interesting (and nastier). Enjoy!

    10:58 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    Perpetrated Press Wants to Sell you a Gun
    Perpetrated Press has posted the first of several sneak previews in anticipation of the release of their upcoming D20 release, Arsenal. Once a week we will get a peek at some new device of death. This week we are graced with the Disintegrator heavy rifle. The weapon of choice for assassins and other scallywags, it emits a thin, green ray that causes the target to glow briefly and then suddenly vanish (sounds like something the CIA used in Cambodia). Arsenal is the first release from Perpetrated Press and is touted as containing "over 200 magical firearms, more than 100 different explosives, eight new types of technomagically advanced armor" and more.

    Monday, September 09, 2002
    7:10 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    The Return of Battlefleet Gothic
    In my opinion the best of Games Workshop's products, Battlefleet Gothic has been on hiatus for some time. Well, it's about to make a glorious come back. The latest word from Games Workshop is that we can expect the game to return in a big way over the next few months. To pave the way, GW has launched a new section of their web site, dedicated to all things BFG. So rejoice, or I'll sic my Chaos heretics on your -- well, you get the point.

    6:27 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    New Stuff at Black Tree Design
    Master modelers, Black Tree Design have made some additions to their web site. Updates to the site include,

  • New Viking sets for all you Odin-aholics out there.
  • New Norman characters for their Dark Ages line.
  • A bunch of new articles for aspiring modelers.
    Their web site has to win the prize for being in the most languages. So if your cousin lives in Brazil and likes Vikings, have him check out the site.

    6:05 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Vigilance: Absolute Power Cover Revealed
    Mystic Eye Games has posted a preview of the new Vigilance: Absolute Power cover for the Vigilante d20 superheroes game. Slide on over and take a look at this neat artwork. They've taken a page out of the Golden Age comics and produced a sweet little book, it seems.

    9:03 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    Black Ice Well and More Proof that I am Slow
    Monkeygod Enterprises has added some web only enhancements for their epic Black Ice Well supplement. The new information includes,

  • Suggestions on how to scale down the adventure for lower level characters (Black Ice Well is written for 13-14th level characters).
  • Information on how to adapt the adventure to suit higher level characters.
  • Running the adventure without Psionics.
  • Running the adventure with more Psionics (I see a trend).
  • Lastly, expanded stats for Shae Mora (the baddest thing this side of John Shaft).
    Additionally, I am supposed to be finishing a review of this book. The fact that the expansion is out would seem to indicate that I am a bit behind.

    4:14 AM: Demian Katz says...
    Rio Grande Speaks Again
    Rio Grande Games has released their thirty-fourth newsletter. The most immediate bit of excitement is the fact that Trans America, a new rail game, should be here within a week or so. Beyond that, most of the games described by the newsletter have already been announced, though the discussion of San Marco, a forthcoming political game, is surprisingly detailed. The newsletter concludes with a list of out-of-print titles, so if you're looking to scour your local shops and make a killing on eBay, this may be a useful resource.

    12:25 AM: Craig Robertson says...
    Contemporary Combat, Palladium Style
    Perusing my copy of Rifter 19, I noticed an ad for RECON Modern Combat. Scheduled for release later this month, it covers covert operations, counter-insurgency warfare, and anti-terrorist measures. Finally, after eighteen years of Heroes Unlimited, Palladium finally gets around to releasing rules for generating cops and soldiers. Also, Kevin Siembieda is still working on cutting a deal for a Rifts movie, and the Rifts CCG is officially pronounced dead (having been mortally wounded by Precedence's demise). A moment of silence, please.

    Saturday, September 07, 2002
    10:12 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    BE the Drow-With Wizards of the Coast
    Even with things coming apart at Wizards of the Coast lately, they have managed to produce one of the best supplements of the last twelve months. City of the Spider Queen is part of WotC's Year of the Drow and is one whiz bang of an adventure. Well to make a good thing better, City of the Spider Queen designer James Wyatt has added a web only enhancement to the web site. The web enhancement features more monsters, magical items, extra adventure material, and complete divine stats for the undead lesser deity Kiaransalee. Buy the book and check out the WotC web.

    Friday, September 06, 2002
    6:45 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    Scary things that go Bump in the Night...and then Rip your Flesh Off!
    New from Pagan Publishing (home of the almighty Delta Green) is The Resurrected III: Out of the Vault, a collection of ten Call of Cthulhu adventure straight from the pages of the first ten issues of The Unspeakable Oath. Featuring all manner of Lovecraftian death and horror, the book features scenarios with names such as "The Lambton Worm" by Steve Hatherley. Sounds like a fun read, or as they say in the Cthuluniverse, Groovy!!

    1:20 AM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    New Reviews: Assassins, Gun-Crazy Fools, and Siberia
    We've got three new reviews for you today, a pair of d20 products and a fun download. First, Joe gives us his impressions of The Assassin's Handbook from Green Ronin Publishing. Then Demian tells us a bit about Full Clip, the Hong Kong action RPG from Deep7. Finally, Orion picks apart the frozen lands of Tsar Rising by Monkeygod Enterprises. And... break!

    Thursday, September 05, 2002
    7:56 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Another Thursday, Another HeroClix
    WizKidz Games has posted the next DC hero for the DC HeroClix: Hypertime game. This week's treat, some eye candy in the form of Robin. Do you get some sort of negative hit bonus just because he is kind of creepy?

    7:43 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Free Adventure for Bluffside from your Friends at Thunderhead
    Thunderhead has posted a free, thirty page adventure for their Bluffside: City on the Edge campaign book. Right Under our Noses is the first adventure to be added to the Thunderhead Games extensive free download section. Designed as a one or two night adventure for 4th level characters, Right under our Noses looks like a nice read, especially when you consider it was free.

    7:12 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Early Look at Tome of Horrors
    Necromancer Games has posted a nice twenty page preview of the upcoming Tome of Horrors. Tome of Horrors is full of classic first edition monsters and is reported to contain over 4000 entires. Included in the preview are all manner of devils and the ever maligned Floating Eye. Tome of Horrors is slated for a November/December release.

    1:52 PM: Mike Sugarbaker says...
    Almost Definitely Not Rumor: WotC Layoffs And Possible Relocation
    It's all over GamingReport, and they say they've got confirmation for all of it, despite not many things being attributed (there is this other post here from JD Wiker of the Star Wars RPG which confirms that there are layoffs going on, but doesn't cover all the specifics). Wizards is laying off close to a hundred people, and Hasbro would apparently very much like to move the company headquarters closer to Hasbro HQ in early 2003. I guess Simpsons CCG preorders weren't all that. Interestingly, the Magi Nation folks also chose today to announce layoffs. If news like this always comes in threes, what will be the third company to downsize today? Should we count the Cheapass announcement a couple days ago?

    1:07 AM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    Interview: Tyranny Games
    Joe Kushner continues his rampage of questioning through the D20 publishers with several inquiries made to Tyranny Games. Their monk guy wandering the hall at GenCon with a huge "The End is here" sign was one of the more amusing sights this year. And flights of lost angels sing you to the interview.

    Wednesday, September 04, 2002
    11:45 PM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    Into Every Generation, a Typo is Printed
    To properly support fans of the new rulebook, Eden Studios has posted updated errata for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. To further assist the hordes of Slayers out there, a new FAQ is up as well. Go see if it answers the question of why Willow won't give you the time of day.

    Plans for More GenCons
    I'm hearing from several sources that Peter Adkison and his crew are thinking of adding another yearly GenCon convention to the two that already exist. The new convention would most likely end up in the U.S. in southern California. So that would give us gamers a GenCon Indy, a GenCon UK, and a GenCon SoCal. I like the sound of that.

    7:28 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    Freebies for the Rolemaster Faithful
    Iron Crown (fresh from their battle with bankruptcy) has posted a nice eight-page PDF freebie for Rolemaster players: the Spacemaster Character Sheets from the Privateers rulebook. This is just part of the free download vault, which is worth a browse. While you're there, make sure to visit the Rolemaster Moments section and read some funny stuff.

    5:10 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    0one Games Hires a Printer
    0one Games, outstanding publisher of quality PDF adventures, has announced a deal with Viking Games to bring their Seven Avengers books to print. After showing the world how useful and impressive PDF products can be, 0one Games is following the lead of companies like Malhavoc Press which releases books as both PDF and hard copy. A release schedule for Seven Avengers and other 0one classics will be ready in October.

    1:16 PM: Greg Kessler says...
    September Releases from Avalanche Press
    The wargame masters of Avalanche Press have announced a few choice releases for this month. Instead of wargames though, all of these titles are for the d20 System:

  • Eagles Of The Empire: Napoleon In The Desert: You can be Old Nappy himself. Be the one to blow the nose off the Sphinx (ok, that's probably a folk tale, but now you can really do it). See what it was like to be on top of the world without having to be French.
  • All For One & One For All: Exploits of the Musketeers without the Samurai/Hong Kong exploits of Tim Roth.
  • Dawn Of The Aztecs: SEE what it was like to be in the New World, before Columbus. FEEL how much fun it must have bee to torture and subjugate weaker tribes. All with new D20 feats and classes.
  • Celtic Age: This hardbound source book brings the fascinating world of the Celts to life (ok, no joke, this sounds like a cool book).

    9:51 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    Eilfin Publishing and Undiscovered: The Quest for Adventure
    Eilfin publishing has released Undiscovered Quests & Adventures #2, an e-zine containing all sorts of stuff for their core game. Issue #2 includes:

    • 2 adventures designed for Undiscovered (though they can both be easily modified to fit your favorite fantasy game)
    • 18 new spells; 3 new spells for each of the 6 covens of magic
    • 2 short stories
    • Detailed information on the Astman Jungles, a kingdom southeast of the Empire of Vrod (the empire that is fully detailed in the Undiscovered core rulebook)
    • A column of "secret" information, by Slather, the God of the Unknown
    • 7 new monsters; 5 of which can be found in the Astman Jungles
    • A new adventuring race: Half-Dwarves
    • A fully detailed town setting (with map).
    Sounds like the original Dragon Magazine reborn.

    9:12 AM: Greg Kessler says...
    Games Workshop is your Best Friend
    Games Workshop has added so much free stuff this week, that they may go under (well, probably not). To compliment all the new WarHammer Skirmish scenarios they keep releasing, GW has moved on and posted a new scenario for their Space Hulk Board Game. If you check out the site, you can find four new missions for Space Hulk. Space Hulk is a "game of high pressure combat in the 41st millennium". Check it out. GW has also posted new stats for playing Sauron in the Lord of the Rings Miniatures Game. This 400 point value beast is a real game killer (as well as the best part of the Peter Jackson flick) . Included in this little freebie is all the info you need: magical powers, special rules, and war gear are all included. If you are of the painting persuasion, the GW USA staff is holding a contest to celebrate the release of Warhammer: Hordes of Chaos. They have already taken submissions and come up with four possible winners. Take a look at the site and vote for your favorite. Slide over and check out the new additions, and tell them OgreCave sent you. It won't do you any good, but you can try it anyway.

    Monday, September 02, 2002
    10:19 PM: Mike Sugarbaker says...
    Cheapass Games Announces Layoffs
    Cheapass Games has announced the layoffs of two employees in their customary high style. Rumors of the company's death are greatly unattributed to Samuel Clemens, however. The press release also details a revised release schedule for the rest of the year, with most of the major new action (including Fightball) still scheduled for this month. The Hip Pocket line goes wide in October. We at the Cave offer our condolences to the two former employees, and offer to buy them a round when we visit Seattle in November or so. (A round what, we aren't saying.)

    9:07 AM: Allan Sugarbaker says...
    Revised Rules for Dead Game
    WotC just announced an updated version of the Chainmail rules. I suppose this is the game's last hurrah, a final update to carry it through eternity as WotC prepares to turn its back on the system. Yeah, I wouldn't support an Origins Award winner either. Whatever.


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